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Desc:The infamous German scat porn queen gives an interview
Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:Also his bowels are huge, Veronica moser, scat porn, many bathtubs full
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Comment count is 20
I've been trying to explain this woman to people since about 2002. No one seems to understand. "She eats poo? How could this be?"
The most horrible thing about it is that she TAUGHT herself to be sexually attracted to eating shit. It took dedication, it took training, it took an apparently complete lack of shame.

But the pay-off? I guess that was totally worth it.

Also, I didn't know my poop was spicy.

Johnny Madhouse
I'm imagining her house as a giant Skinner box full of vibrators and poop. It's awful.

I can't rate this a five because it skeeves me out so much, but I'm definitely not rating it any less either.

Killer Joe
Yeah, jeeze. Everyone likes to be unique, but god damn. Her friends are saints or satan's own spawn.

So, Catpenis, why exactly have you been talking to people about a scat porn actress for the past nine years?

Honestly? People see me as jaded and weird and sometimes people ask, "Why does someone eat poo?" I actually had a psychology encyclopedia from 1962 that tried to parallel it to a food fight. Messy and fun, I guess. But then I found this person and I would just tell them to google it. I've never eaten poo or jerked off to poo porn.

Adham Nu'man
Dear Mr Catpenis, I don't mean to be an asshole or anything but if you just have that look about you that inspires people to occasionally ask you "why does someone eat poo?" you might want to consider some lifestyle changes.

I'm looking to make some life changes to inspire people to come up to me and ask "why does someone eat poo?".

God, there's not much I wouldn't do for that. Well, besides eat poo of course.

Seriously note: I knew the man who was the first person to register poopdaddy.com. This man was real popular with my circle of friends because he 1) Would host TF1 and CS Lan parties at his house and 2) Would show everyone attending videos of Japanese girls throwing up on each other in a bathtub or some guy pooping in a hot dog bun and some other guy eating it. It was like he was a local celebrity or something.

Bonus: He made a lot of poop puns. He joked about "logging" onto the internet. His front page use to feature a guy in a gimp mask shoving feces into his mouth. He lived next to twins that had arguably the largest collection of ICP memorabilia in the Midwest (more on them another time, just remember this was in the late 90s). He was the real fuckin' deal.

I've never been nauseated by subtitles before. That is some impressively evil.

That's something very special.
So, I'm guessing thats not a rim of lipstick around her mouth?
Don't GIS her name...
Man, smoking is gross.
She's a heartbreaker and a poop taker.
Jet Bin Fever
I don't think I can watch the whole thing. So when she gets diarrhea, parasites, and such from all that poop eating, does her own poop turn her on?
That was discussed, my good man. Apparently she has "the stomach of a pig, as the Austrians say", and never gets sick.

She then went on to fondly remember one time that she was stuffed to the gills from eating 7 men's poop, and then stuffing an 8th man's poop in her vagina... all without getting sick.

Good times, man. Good times.

why did I read your comment??? why did I just watch this??? can't unread, can't unwatch....5 stars

I feel like someone just shit on me but I'm definitely not into it.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Creep Throat
John Holmes Motherfucker
I think that women who smoke cigarettes are a turn-off.
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