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Desc:The greatest student film ever made, for best movies week. Probably a dupe.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:surfing, 70s, 2001, John Carpenter, dark star
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Comment count is 13
I like this film. It's plagued with pacing issues, but this ending, this scene is incredible. It is one of my favorite scenes ever.
I think "hot mess" would be a fair description of this movie.

In the complimentary sense.

I think pacing issues is a safe statement for most all John Carpenter movies.

At least he is consistent.

It's possible you saw the "director's cut" that emerged in the 90s.
I have no idea if it is legitimately a "director's" cut, but there is a longer version of the movie that takes some deleted footage and shoves it in to bring the film up to a length to fill a TV slot and it feels noticeably more sluggish than the original version.

I've seen both.

Meat Beat Manifesto sample source spotted @ 6:44 (First introduced to me at the start of 'Track 15' on Satyricon)
I'm glad you mentioned that because I'm not that familiar with them and had my eyes on that one myself.

Fantastic ending. The music always gets me.
Aw man, Florence Henderson is gone?

fucking 2016
Uh, bomb?
Mother Lumper
This is a shit movie, don't try to delude yourselves.
It's good shit.

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