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Desc:Dave Nainan delivers jokes to stony silence for 30 minutes. Has Slides.
Category:Humor, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:silence, stand up comedy, anti-humor, tesla, quiet desperation
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Comment count is 17
infinite zest - 2017-01-07

Every bit as uncomfortable as Joe Pera, but at least his audience seems to get it or at least be in on what he's doing or trying to do.. this is just uncomfortable. 5 Uncomfortable spiky stars.
chumbucket - 2017-01-07
what 35 going on 55 looks like
TheyUsedDarkForces - 2017-01-07
Pretty strange...

TheyUsedDarkForces - 2017-01-07
Wow... The email chain that article mentions is really something, too.

http://brianmcguinness.tumblr.com/post/8108071490/dan-nainan-i s-the-worst-human-being-ever-the

exy - 2017-01-07
These are excellent reads, TUDF. Hope you don't mind but I am stealing them for 54evil so I never forget about this precious human being.

Potter - 2017-01-07
https://www.reddit.com/r/cringe/comments/36cw1p/54_year_old_comedi an_tries_to_pass_himself_off_as/

I guess this is why he resorts to challenging people to death matches, his evidence is as lacking as his laughs.

His FB page starts off with just the sort of hilarious story that would convince anyone they should have him come tell jokes.

This man is a GEM!

Maggot Brain - 2017-01-07
I used to know who used to teach guitar lessons. He had nerve damage in his hand left and couldn't play guitar. Also he wasn't really teaching guitar, he was trying to get people to sign up for his real estate scam/Scientology. Dave Nainan reminds me of this guy.

exy - 2017-01-07
Was that guy's name Neil Breen? Just a thought.

boner - 2017-01-07
Why is it that the "clean" comedians are almost without exception the biggest creeps
Oscar Wildcat - 2017-01-07
Wow! This is what comedy would have been like had the Third Reich succeeded. The backstory is incredible, TUDF. Thanks for the links.

Also: Elon Musk! Your car logo is butt ugly! This comedian blow chunks! If we go to Mars with you, will we be stuck in a tin can for the rest of our natural lives with this stuff? My support for you is beginning to waver.
exy - 2017-01-07
Comediologists find Nainan a fascinating case study, for he can assemble something which is structurally isomorphic to comedy and yet only functions as half of a joke. That and his ability to ignore himself bombing for hours at a time because he could never expect to hear laughter over the cash register sounds playing constantly in his imagination anyway.

On the bright side, looks like Trump finally found someone willing to play his inauguration bash (I presume).

Maggot Brain - 2017-01-07
I reject the notion that the Nazis didn't have jokes


exy - 2017-01-07
WWII: The Long Troll

Oscar Wildcat - 2017-01-07
What I'm having real difficulty wrapping my head around is how corporations hire this guy because he is supposed to be clean and non-offensive, yet his routine is largely one long racist screed against poor whites. Which in and of itself could be quite funny, but for the fact that Dan Nainan is neither white nor poor.

Maggot Brain - 2017-01-07
Theories, I have a few. Dan Nainan has against all odds has maintained good relations with his former employers and Tesla Auto is a pyramid scam in the same vain as Cutco. Yeah, they're nice knifes but this isn't about the knifes, is it?

Also no one cares about poor, white people.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2017-01-07
Holy shit, I can't make it all the way through. It's so painful.
Raggamuffin - 2017-01-08
Around 17 minutes he thanks the audience for coming out like he's finished and they all applaud, and then he just keeps going. I can only imagine what it was like actually being there, not knowing if he's about to stop or if it was going to go on for 3 more hours.

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