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Desc:Simpler times
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Yakov Smirnoff, Soviet Union, Night Court, in soviet russia poeTV submit videos to u
Submitted:infinite zest
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less funny times

(don't get me wrong, I love night court, just not YS)
I need to watch some Night Court. I watched a ton of it as a kid but I hardly remember anything about it except liking it back then.

Obvious jokes. Laugh track (studio audience) that sounds off like a troop of howler monkeys any time anything moderately wacky happens.

Seven Arts/H8 Red
There's also the tendency to water down Harry Anderson's magic tricks/grifting asshole shtick to "likable smart-ass" (see also: Dave's World).

This is second season "Night Court", with Markie Post as the public defender. First season had a couple different public defenders, mostly Ellen Foley as Billie Young. You may or may not remember her from "Night Court", but you do know her as the woman singing in Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light". (She had a solo career as well, for example "We Belong to the Night".)
I live in the bizarro world where We Belong To the Night is universal common knowledge but I've never even heard of that Meatloaf song.

Okay that's just weird: PbtDB remains a staple of stations that play classic rock. Not even classic rock so much as rock that remains popular over time so why not keep playing it.


In your bizarro universe, is Maggie Bell a big star for her work in Stone the Crows, as opposed to singing with Rod Stewart in "Every Picture Tells a Story"?


Space Odin
Five stars for anything involving Richard Moll, even

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