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Desc:Little Girl Wins The InfoWars
Category:News & Politics
Tags:conspiracy, alex jones, infowars, cussin, in the car
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 14
attagirl. that's how it's done.
Only way to talk to the alt-right.

Nobody has ever sounded quite as stupid saying "oh my gosh" as this guy. There should be some sort of prize.
Maggot Brain
Pfff, typical reptilian youth.

(and girls' mom)
That guy
If there is hope, she will apply this form of discourse to all seven billion humans.

If there's a God, she'll talk to Him that way too.
Binro the Heretic
When I was a kid, some elderly uncle or grand-uncle of mine complained to another relative about how it was hard to tell boys & girls apart these days with their similar dress & hairstyles. ("These day" being the mid-1970s)

The other guy told him to just ask them "Are you a boy or a girl?" He then went on to explain girls would kick your knee and boys would punch your balls.
Are you related to Roger Kaputnik, or were your relatives simply fans of Dave Berg? That definitely appeared in a "Dave Berg Looks At ..."

Third option: Dave Berg used to spy on your relatives and lift material from them.

Binro the Heretic
He might have been a "Mad" reader. He was probably in his mid-twenties. When I was a kid, I was bad at gauging people's age. Anyone older than 18 seemed "old" to me.

I can't remember if he was a cousin or an uncle or if he was related by blood or marriage. I only saw him at a few family gatherings. Hell, he may just have been a female relative's fiancée or boyfriend now I think about it. I only remember him because he said a lot of funny stuff like that.

I think he's the one I learned one of my favorite kid jokes from:

Q: What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?

A: A crooked board

His overplayed dismay...stars.
blue vein steel
hahaha. Fuck Infowars and anything and anyone connected to them in anyway.
The comments on the full infowars channel video are, of course, calling for her (and her mother) to be beaten, raped, and murdered.

Because they're decent upstanding volk, not the dirty-mouthed mindless thugs like this little girl.
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