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Desc:Elon Musk's latest boondoggle
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:rocket, Elon Musk, EARTH TO EARTH!
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Comment count is 12
Would WOULDNT want to fly in an experimental vehicle with an unproven safety record, extremely low margins of safety and literally only enough fuel to attempt one landing?
Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?

Maggot Brain
21st Century Zeppelins.
This looks like something from Dahir Insaat.
Why WOULDN'T I want to be killed one molecule at a time, only to have a perfect copy of me reassembled somewhere after I am dead?

I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer dammit!
I genuinely loathe Elon Musk. His entire act is so shticky and transparent, yet the media falls for it every time.
Don't forget the whole thing about aggressively trying to undercut the expansion of public transit in LA in favor of his groundbreaking, completely unprecedented, entirely privatized invention where people travel - get this - IN TUNNELS.

Or is that Zuckerberg? I get my future corporate overlords confused.

Have any of you heard of this Leland Stanford chap?
Claims he can connect the whole continent by rail.
I hear tell he's out to start his own university, to boot.
I suspect history will have a thing or two to say about his hubris!

Elon is a symptom.

Wealth theft and tax evasion by the 1% has reached such a point that our state governments can’t afford large new infrastructure projects while Mormon Batman here has enough horded wealth that he can start them at whim

Monkey Napoleon
Don't forget that the tunnel thing is inherently pretty dangerous and actually can't work without the completely ridiculous and dangerous element.

Oscar Wildcat
Say what you will about Elon, he's got a good sense of what makes for a profitable business. I predict the demand for these off the shelf commercial ICBM's will be tremendous.
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