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StanleyPain - 2017-10-06

I submitted this not so much because of the short (although I think it's good and all of these prequel shorts are a pretty cool lead into the film), but more just to create a place to discuss the movie for anyone who's seen it.
I went to the first showing at the theater down the street from me last night since they had early showings.
Personally, I thought the movie was fucking amazing. Not without flaws and some minor issues, but as a film in the same vein/theme as the original (a noir/cop/Chandler-esque mystery with a sci-fi overlay and lots of style) it is incredibly well made. My worries about the film being modified into some crazy commercial product were, thankfully, totally unfounded. The movie is nearly 3 hours long, has the same meditative pace as the original, and while there's a little more action-y elements than the original, they are used properly to punctuate the film rather than just to show off how far technology has come since the original.
What really struck me about the movie was its relatively simplicity and minimalism. I mean, Blade Runner basically gave birth to cyberpunk. We've had decades of movies/art/writing all directly inspired by the world BR created, but the writers/filmmakers with 2049 wisely didn't try to,like, top that or anything. It's kept level headed and rooted in its own universe in this really respectful way. I dunno...I loved it.

chumbucket - 2017-10-06

Thanks! Your review has pretty much sold me on having to see this as soon as possible.

That guy - 2017-10-07

Yeah, that sounds about right, Stanley.

I saw it tonight. I'm going to see it again before I really decide, but I'll probably land on about an 8/10 score.

I found that many of the complaints in the critic and user reviews were bullshit. I found the complaints about it being too slow and long to be particularly invalid. Yes, it is slow and long- in a good way.

betamaxed - 2017-10-08

The new movie was shockingly... OKAY which is a major surprise because Sony

Space Odin - 2017-10-09

I give the movie 4-4.5/5 stars. I'm torn, because I want to dock all content half a star for reminding me of Jared fucking Leto's existence, but also I also grant all content half a star for anything where Edward James Olmos has a purple bowtie.

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