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Desc:Its basically the old 'They'll greet us as liberators' thing. Tom Clancy's corpse is getting a boner
Category:Military, Trailers
Tags:propaganda, Iran, jingoism, saudi arabia, command & conquer 6
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Comment count is 11
Mister Yuck - 2017-12-18

The trailer for WWIII looks epic! I can't wait to be conscripted to see this!

SolRo - 2017-12-18

Saudi Arabian military industrial complex thinks exactly like the American military industrial complex, what a coincidence!

Lurchi - 2017-12-18

this video cost $400000000 to produce

Aernaroth2 - 2017-12-18

I'm amazed I didn't see any of those shipping containers on the 'aid' ship start assembling giant blades into a quad rotor with a big chaingun attached. And then a motorcycle drops into the water.

William Burns - 2017-12-18

What doth tanks

kingofthenothing - 2017-12-18

I really hope they don't try this shit.

Every Iranian person I've met in real life has been cool as fuck. It's not their fault their government is bonkers; it's not exactly a democracy over there.

SolRo - 2017-12-18

Their government is downright liberal compared to some of its neighbors.

GravidWithHate - 2017-12-19

"We can barely fight half of Yemen, but we can totally beat Iran!"

I'd be funny if there wasn't a good chance Saudi leaders believed this shit.

Chicken the Did - 2017-12-19

'Look, I'm the prince who stood against our enemies and gave them a black eye! Gimme statues and write history books making me out to be a total winner so kids in the future can learn how badass I was!'

The reality is like all war the royals would spend time eating fluffy pastries as the people who don't matter die in droves and droves. But regardless of how bad it goes it'll be spun into a positive thing.

sasazuka - 2017-12-20

I still play videogames mainly on the Playstation 2 and I'm glad that there are some new games still being released on it even though I'm not that hot on the real-time battlefield strategy genre.

What, this isn't a trailer for a PS2 game? I am disappoint.

(The part about me still playing mainly PS2 games isn't sarcasm, by the way.)

Nominal - 2017-12-20

A recurring lesson from all the old War Nerd articles was "any invasion plan predicated on '(the people) shall greet us as liberators' is doomed to disaster".

German invasion of Russia
Iraqi invasion of Iran
Our invasion of damn near everything post Korea

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