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Desc:Not quite as necessary as Creepy Uncle Lights.
Tags:kids these days, as seen on tv, Monster Lights
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Comment count is 14
5 for rebranding cheap generic Chinese LED strip lights that have been available for a decade and reselling them on TV.
Also I'd like to mark this moment in history, when even the American As-Seen-On-TV marketplace gave up and just applied American branding and mythology to original Chinese products.

We'll look back fondly on the days when infomercials peddled cheap and stupid American invented/patented solutions to uniquely stupid American problems.

At this point, every other non-game Kickstarter or Indiegogo is something you can find on AliExpress already so infomercials are just cartching up. Hell, I was looking through dumb indigogo pitches and one was already available in retail stores under a different name.

I do not understand whoever it is that markets for As Seen On TV assuming that rhyming, repitition and not showing me the advantages of the product will get me to buy it. They have a really odd concept of salesmanship.
They don't do it here, but what about the black and white video where people clumsily try to do things without the product being sold?

Monkey Napoleon
You have to remember that this garbage is marketed towards people who are up late at night and don't know what the internet is.

I can understand why people in my generation might not want to frequent youtube or various types of social media, but there is an astounding number of people who just don't use it for anything... or their first encounter with something like looking up some information was when they got their first iPhone.

This is horrifying. Can't even watch the first 20 seconds. Pure Evil.
I only made it in :10

Technically I only watched 10, then hit up the comments, then almost had a panic attack trying to pause the fucking video for a further 10 seconds.

You definitely want to give your kids a remote control to play with when they can't fall asleep.
Mother Lumper
I like how the demonstration of boogeyman eyes as the scary alternative was made with those same LED lights.
pimp my bed. com
I approve of these in houses with monsters.
Robin Kestrel
You're just asking to get pulled over by the cops.

Also, the bunk bed application is a head-scratcher.
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