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Desc:Probably counts as a resubmit.
Category:Religious, News & Politics
Tags:Kirk Cameron, creationism, atheism, ray comfort, way of the master
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Comment count is 5
xenocide - 2007-05-14
"Good evening, I'm an englishman. I'm here to legitamise this farce with my snooty accent."
Urburos - 2007-05-14
Oh man! That last 30 seconds gave me an O face. IN YOUR FACE, KIRK.
ChocFullOfFunk - 2007-05-14
Everyone should watch this just to see how dumb debate on the matter can get.
Dr. Venkman - 2008-12-02
Everyone should read your comment just to see how dumb you can get on the matter.

fact of the matter is its not all that dumb to debate on, considering there should be more open debate on the matter. there's far to many people running around believing in fairytale nonsense, like senor banana for example and mike sever.

kwash - 2009-10-12
Ugh. Nervous stammering on the side of the atheists just makes them seem unprofessional.

-3 for Kirk Cameron's slimy fear-mongering, but +1 for the classy british guy shutting down Ray Comfort (and doing it infinitely better than the atheists) for the last ten minutes.
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