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Xiphias - 2007-07-06

As seen in the all-stars video, they caught him AGAIN, in another chatroom, THE NEXT DAY. This guy is the living incarnation of "bad choices."

Knuckles - 2007-07-06

I love that the decoy just randomly comes in and grabs the beer when the guy is still obviously under the delusion that Chris Hansen is the father and the decoy is just a kid. He must think it's some sort of father-son beer-scoring operation.

boba. - 2007-07-06

was he jerking off at the beginning when he was just sitting there? i couldn't tell what was going on?

KozmicBlue - 2007-07-06

It looks like he is warming up.

Also, he is wearing a cross to display his unwavering faith, like a good christian.

Caminante Nocturno - 2007-07-06

This man was clearly abused for the large part of his childhood life.

Feyd - 2007-07-06

And probably most of his adult life too. What a moon case.

Xiphias - 2007-07-06

The guy screams "broken" so bad, I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't trying to pass on his damage.

Doomstein - 2007-07-06

This one was my favorite because he got caught twice in like a week.

enki don't - 2007-07-07

I'm sorry. certainly. sir.
god, nude paul simon makes me sad.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-07-07

I haven't seen this show until now but I think I prefer the parodies because guh ehhhhh ick ehhhhh (this is the sound of me sticking my tongue out)

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-07-07

Sticking my tongue out in a totally grossed out way.

Namor - 2007-07-07

I can't even get all the way through these. Who can watch this for entertainment? 4 stars just for the intense yuck.

Angel Carver - 2007-07-27

Is it wrong that I feel bad that the guy didn't get to score?

klingerbgoode - 2007-07-30

nice socks, buddy!

Spastic Avenger - 2007-11-22

It makes me cry.

Monchiles Monchiles - 2008-06-05

These are hard to watch. Almost too evil to watch.

FineFilter - 2008-11-25

I wonder whats worse: pretending to be a bus driver or being naked in a little boy's kitchen.

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