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Desc:InfoWars Clown descends into grotesque burlesque, HBomber guy gleefully takes credit.
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:paul joseph watson, hbomber guy, youtube feud, SOY MADNESS
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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You People Are Idiots
nigel on nigel action full points awarded
5 stars to offset DQLs coming “ugh” post
And it's going to be so boring.

I very nearly submitted this the other day, myself.
Also, lately I have been recommending HBomberguy to old people.

John Holmes Motherfucker
When I read that PJW had taken down his video, I got hard... which does not happen very often these days.

H Bomb always puts these Goyboys in their place because he does the research, and because he maintains a light, humorous touch, even when he draws blood. The right wing youtube hacks never do their homework, because that would interfere with keeping their income stream going by cranking out twenty off-the-cuff clickbait videos a week. You Tube discourse is famous for being bad, but there are a handful of youtubers (Lindsay Ellis comes to mind) who produces content that I find more elegant and informative than the much-maligned mainstream media has the resources to create nowadays.

Even so, I just can't believe that PJW can be turned into such a shrill, shrieking, cross-dressing harpie just by being contradicted by the facts.
That happens all the time. Cast aspersions on his intellectual integrity, and Paul probably isn't going to care much. I mean... HOW COULD HE? Intellectual integrity isn't what he's selling. He's selling dietary supplements. ff you criticize the pills, that's hitting him where he lives.

But Paul pretty much opened the door by making a video about how soy is for faggots without bothering to learn what was in the pills he was selling. And he did that because Paul Joseph Watson is dumber than dogshit. He's dumber than Thunderf00t. He's dumber than Sargon. He's dumber than the Amazing Atheist. He's full-on Roosh-Stupid.

Maggot Brain
so many burns.
Pretty, pretty delicious
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