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The Mothership - 2019-05-21

Holy shit.....

cognitivedissonance - 2019-05-21

Benny Hill had no children or next of kin, so due to a quirk in British inheritance law, his millions of pounds will remain in trust, unavailable to be trust, accruing interest, until one can be found. This means his money is just sitting there, until Doomsday.

Hegemony Cricket - 2019-05-21

That's much more fun than the reality. His will was written thirty years before he died and named his parents. They were dead so it went to his bro and sis, who were also dead. Ultimately, his estate of was split between his nieces and nephews.

There was a salacious TV docco a few years ago about it called "Who got Benny's Millions".

cognitivedissonance - 2019-05-21

Oh cool! I’m glad there was closure on this. Benny Hill is the most consistently underrated performer of the 20th century.

Nominal - 2019-05-21

Benny Hill -> Married with Children -> Married for Life

duck&cover - 2019-05-22

Best Elizabeth Taylor impression that I've seen since John Belushi's.

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