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Category:Business, Business
Tags:jim, garfield, davis, Jim Davis, lasagne car
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Comment count is 9
Xenocide - 2019-05-19
So Garfield is his tulpa.
betamaxed - 2019-05-19
Garfield is his stand.

Ugh - 2019-05-19
munday munday munday

BiggerJ - 2019-05-19
What Garfield is, Jim can never let anyone know. https://whatshouldwedraw.tumblr.com/post/162676000222/from-what-sh ould-we-draw-episode-54-garfgate (The comic is funnier if you read it backward.)

Chicken the Did - 2019-05-22
Stand Name: Manic Monday

Appears as a portly, orange tabby cat. Can been seen by non stand users. It is self aware. Manic Monday possesses little or no combat prowess, preferring to use probability altering powers to avoid confrontation. This stand seems to have little if any regard for its wielder's well being possibly due in part to Jon Arbuckle's naturally weak will. In rare cases Manic Monday will defend Jon if there is a guaranteed, existential threat present. However this may be in part due to Manic Monday realizing it would vanish if Jon were to die instead of actual emotional sentiment. Manic Monday has an intense hatred of the enemy stand 'Grease Paint and Monkey Brains', a user independent stand that takes the form of a bizarre and gratingly annoying clown known as Binky to some.

BiggerJ - 2019-05-19
(ugh, delete the space in the URL)
Boomer The Dog - 2019-05-20
My favorite part is that there's a 'Lasagne Car' tag and it's linked!
spikestoyiu - 2019-05-20
cognitivedissonance - 2019-05-20
Whoa, Jim Davis is Mitch McConnell’s secret identity.
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