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yogarfield - 2019-10-28

All I see is a fat manchild that doesn't realize that he's a baby.

That guy - 2019-10-28

...with a little baby pacifier?

duck&cover - 2019-10-28

Beardo's babbling bullshit rant.

Chicken the Did - 2019-10-28

It's almost like young people are looking over at other parts of the word, seeing civilized behavior and being like "Hey, we want that too! It's nice!" but of course it will be one Hell of a climb because not gonna lie: America was awful. Is awful. Whites propagated/sustained a rift because it suited them. Stereotypes became ingrained so hard -we have sports franchises named after racial slurs- in the 21st century. :( Let that sink in, eh? So obviously the first step was re-defining what behaviors are considered antisocial. That had to happen, yo. Is not using racial slurs THAT hard? You don't do it, it hurts society. That thing we all need that has huge fucking gashes through it from hundreds of years of said '15 year olds' thinking it's cool to denigrate vast swaths of the population. So people who want to be active members of society need to clean that shit up or they're going to be very lonely. I think by now these young near-adults are growing up into a world where the rules are clearly stated. Things like 'don't touch a hot skillet' and 'detergent is not candy'.

That guy - 2019-10-28

"Whites propagated/sustained a rift because it suited them."


Bostrom - 2019-10-28

Wow. Disturbing that people are giving this one star. I wish we could merge these hysterical Leftist babies with the Trumpists and make a party of pure, distilled stupid. Maybe in the campaign ticket for them, replace Pence with Oprah: Trump Oprah 2020. It would surely accelerate the Second Coming.

SolRo - 2019-10-28

But the tag told me to one star it!

Cena_mark - 2019-10-29

Everyone is wrong for caring about shit. You're clearly above it all. You learned from the South Park School of fence sitting.

Spike Jonez - 2019-10-29

Ah yes, more of the same would be MUCH better than the stupid endeavor of trying to improve anything ever. Democrats are worse than republicans, because reps lie about what they're going to do, but at least they achieve their goals instead of smugly expecting things to improve with another corporate democrat.

Hazelnut - 2019-10-29

I see that OZ is feeling sorry for himself lately

That guy - 2019-10-29

Whether you like the guy in the video or not, it's certainly about the kind of thing you choose to willfully ignore in your quest for righteous puritanism.

Old_Zircon - 2019-10-31

I've been feeling better about myself this year than I had in a long time, actually, but thanks for your concern.

Nominal - 2019-10-29

This manages to say the same thing much better, much quicker, and without the retarded broad stroking "video games = white guys" retardation of that other radicalization video.

The one starers don't care about anything but their own smug ego. Their fantasy is the ultimate triumph of ideology over pragmatism. And is there anyone left who thinks SolRo believes in anything but being an angry cunt all the time?

Old_Zircon - 2019-10-31

Nom, you should check out his four part series that deals with the same issues in a lot more detail and with a somewhat calmer tone.

He has his flaws but as Youtubers go he's grown on me, probably because I've been about 80% on the same page as him ideologically since before he was born.

Also at this point I'm mostly out of patience for internet opinionmongers who edit their videos, if you aren't livestreaming I'm not interested.

Which for me leaves pretty much Sam Seder and Vaush.

exy - 2019-11-01

Some points was made

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