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Desc:The results are not surprising
Tags:Vodka, Jews, Ukraine
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Comment count is 15
see how the body rejects the poison DIPSHIT
Loses points for being way too long, but the last minute or so is gold.

I love this for so many reasons. Mainly I'm wondering how this actually happened and what the relationship with the people actually is.
The man could make a football move three feet!
I assume he had a bet going he could pull this off without spouting a torrent of puke?

If so, bad bet.
Im wondering how much of the communication barrier is related to the vodka.
Did he win the Wii?
Sudan no1
Vodka. Vulva? Vodka.
I like videos of different types of people getting along.
I heart you more than you could ever assume. Vodka.
(especially the Ukrainian kind).
the laughter, oh god the laughter
"Drink. I, you, you, you?"
"You drink and we take pictures!"
Menudo con queso
It's the little dismissive hand wave that makes it.

Sean Robinson
And I was thinking to myself,
this could be heaven or this could be hell
I don't actually get how this is funny. Hasn't Steve-O thrown up enough on camera already?
These are the famous jewish scientists experimentating on retarded russians?
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