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Desc:A 19th century Japanese prostitute teaches useful English phrases. (NSFW language)
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:Head, Japan, English, rapping, toshi
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Comment count is 12
ok, i'm done blaming dupes. this made me laugh, and that all that really matters anyway, isn't it?

also: did she learn english form ten minute english for cab drivers?
I figured this had to be a dupe, but I honestly couldn't find one.

I have never known cab drivers to speak on these subjects.

it's the almost brooklyn accent at the second round of "come on"s

A pity that the subs didn't show the explanation for "first-rate cunt lapping."
"My relatives give good head."
Always nice to know.
Caminante Nocturno
I... I didn't have to finish watching it.
If only the Japanese whores I've visited had seen this video... :(
Actually the explanation for the last one Stopheles is "You lick me wonderfully!"
Man that Toshi's an animal.
How can you say with such confidence that, "My grandmother gives good head?" I'm just assuming it's only anecdotal evidence. Don't try to show me that it's not, Japan! I don't want to know.
I love how her translation of "first rate cunt lapping" is all very formal polite Japanese.
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