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Desc:I didn't know you could hang your shirt on a laser beam.
Category:Stunts, Science & Technology
Tags:Magic, illusion, laser, illusionist, magic castle
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Comment count is 12
Oh man, Jason Lattimer. The World Champion of Magic, now appearing on Holland America Line's cruise ship, the Noordam!

No, really.
He's a mutant
Caminante Nocturno
Now, when you say World Champion of Magic, do you mean the card game?
The trick is to make the ring and coat hanger out of laser, too.
Clever. The picking up and moving the laser around was probably just done by having two tiny laser pointers in his hands or up his sleeves with little mirrors on his wrists or something. I wonder how the tangibility stuff was done though.
What sleeves?

Billy Buttsex
You guys suck... this is fucking awesome
Two little green lasers in his hands, a mirror, and a special gizmo with laser + glass rod. Anybody impressed by magic tricks is gullible.
The point of this is to know it's an illusion, because obviously you can't physically do what the magician is doing. The fun comes from seeing something you know is impossible.

Yeah try telling that to my fucking uncle who was sawed by a magician when he was 17. 25 years in a wheelchair ain't no lie.

Cruise ships hire some great entertainers.
Long Gone Daddy
Holy Cats it's not real? OH MY GOD I MUST RETHINK MY LIFE you fatuous ass.
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