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Desc:Documentary of the Velvet Underground
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:lou reed, Velvet Underground
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The Velvet Underground gave the world cause to squeal.
Best American rock group ever?
well one of them was Welsh

Billy Buttsex
No. Great band, but not the best. That title belongs to THE BEATLES, BABY

Are you drunk or just stupid?

Buffalo Springfield!

The Beatles? Best American rock band? No, it's the Velvet Underground.

Needs a Nico tag.

Billy Buttsex
No it's the Beatles, sorry

The Beatles are from England, so I think they might be ruled out as America's greatest rock band.

Frank Rizzo
sshrugg is a moron

Syd Midnight
Well, there's the edgy artsy VU with John Cale, and there's the happy ballady VU with Doug Yule. They're almost 2 different bands. It would be like if Lennon left the Beatles and was replaced by Ringo's cousin Nigel.

John Holmes Motherfucker
The Velvet Underground is a respectable answer. Would also accept the Ramones, New York Dolls, the MC5, CCR, Buffalo Springfield, Pere Ubu, The Stooges, CSNY, or ? and the Mysterians.

I think I would vote for the Ramones, because they sounded so great live.

I used to have the first album in the CD-ROM in lieu of the original cd's soundtrack while playing "Hardwar" and this somehow made sense. Thanks for posting this.
VU is by far not one of my favorite bands ever, but I can respect the influence.
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