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Desc:Notable because they call him on blatant lies concerning NBC
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Bill OReilly, liar, Scarborough Country
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Caminante Nocturno
Bill complains whinier than an anime fan angry over dubs.
"O'Reilly's Obsession with Peacock." Fuck gravitas, this is what I want from TV news.
Ok, I'm not American. I first heard of Bill O'Reilly a couple of weeks ago through poetv. Every time I see something about him, he seems cooler and cooler. He doesn't need no stupid facts, he just makes them up!
Somebody really, really needs to Photoshop a still from this and white out the "Pea-" part.
Good job there, Oscar Wilde. You almost got a joke.

While no Britney Spears, I understand Wilde to have something of a following...

Bill's campaign against NBC is just him running scared from Olberman. It started out with him calling for them to fire him, and when they wouldn't do it he basically declared war on them. The whole affair has an air of desperation about it: NBC is the only major media outlet that really takes him on anymore and Bill's only response is "MAKE THEM GO AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!"

I also love how Bill always refers to Talking Points like it's a person or organization. "Talking Points supports the troops! Talking Points is fond of a well-prepared club sandwich!" God, Bill, at least have the balls to admit your opinions are your opinions, you pussy.
"Sard city?" Crackerjack editing there, guys. Otherwise, Bill O'Reilly just increasingly makes Colbert's parody of him more and more useless, since he's basically parodying himself at this point.
-1 for milking the Brave Intrepid Reporter
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