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Category:News & Politics
Tags:Iraq, war, Hussein, cheney, invasion
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Comment count is 42
Wow WTF.
Michael Houser
Shouldn't the Cheney in our dimension have a goatee?

I was just sitting down to write something very similar.

Notice that bizarre Cheney here doesn't have his trademark sneer.

That should be "bizzaro Cheney", of course.

Caminante Nocturno
I'm afraid that I'm going to have to send this to everyone I know.
You supported the war.

Yeah caminante, once you support something once you can never ever ever ever change your mind. Never. In, like, a trillion years. Not ever.

Oh ho ho, you got me. When the premise you fall for is at a certain threshold of stupidity, "oops" is not enough.

Caminante Nocturno
Okay. To make up for it, I'll start sending half of my paycheck to wounded veterans like you do.


I don't think war veterans have any use for anime figurines.

They're right, Caminante, no one is allowed to realize a mistake and change their minds, not ever. That's the philosophy this administration has lived by and look how well they've done.

Anyone can be mistaken (for a variety of reasons), but let's draw a distinction between people who realized their mistake and changed their minds, people who realized their mistake and found excuses to continue on in error, and people who simply stopped caring because the war was no longer fun. I've got no problem with anyone who says "turns out this war was a mistake and it's time to correct that mistake" -- they are not what ails us.

Cap'n Profan!ty
And then, nine years later, it was discovered that Halliburton could make huge profits from that chaos, and that while Saddam wasn't worth very many dead Americans, billions of dollars in illicit gains were worth a whole pile of 'em. It just took him another decade to get a handle on the mechanics of how to exploit a disaster properly.
The most amazing part is hearing him actually giving a damn about the human cost. He speaks compassionately about 146 families who lost loved ones, but now he shrugs off thousands dead as a triviality.

Somewhere in Cheney's attic is the ugliest portrait you've ever seen and it's getting more hideous by the minute.
So you're saying what we see on our TV's is Cheney *With* the portrait absorbing his aging, cruelty and evil? Dear sweet Jesus, to gaze on that portrait must be enough to drive a man mad, utterly irrevocably mad.

Satan himself.
Profit and cronies trump everything.
Technology can be such a bitch.
Michael Houser
You can't tell from the video, but THAT Cheney is actually talking from the other side of a mirror.
What moron voted this less than five stars? This is one of the most important videos I've ever seen from youtube
Well I'll be damned. Of course, WE all know this is just a hoax perpetrated by Leftist media moguls using advanced computer editing techniques. The sooner our President moves to suppress this vile piece of libelous propaganda, the better off we'll be.
Princess v2.1
He dosen't have the sneer because he's not a complete pathological liar yet
But don't you understand we had worldwide allies that thought, like us, there was a nuclear threat from Saddam's regime in Iraq. The middle east was different in 2003 than in 1994. We have the capabilities now so that the war will not spill over into Turkey and Iran, or wherever else. Even though it appears there are no WMDs we are bringing freedom to the Iraqi people. Remember, we live in a post 9/11 world now. The problems that remain are that Iran is sending weapons to insurgents and terrorists in Iraq while funding and training them, and the Iraqi public and government hasn't held up their end of the bargain. If they do make some important unity and security decisions, we may have a strong Democracy in Iraq. The Sunni and Shiite factions must unite against insurgents and Al-Qaeda together as well, our military is trying to help, but we cannot force them.

Sorry guys I have to play devils advocate here, what do you have to say to that? I think if Cheney were shown this video and questioned about it he might say something to that effect, unless I'm outdated on what he thinks about the invasion.
I'm sure that's what he'd _say_, but I'm also sure it's quite far from what he actually _thinks_. For one thing, Bizarro Cheney here seems to fully grasp the implications of toppling Saddam -- civil war and all -- and had to know that we'd be no more able to head that off now, no matter how much you're expecting it. That's not something you forget, exactly, regardless of what happens to your mindset "post-911".

I honestly don't know what would lead him to think otherwise in the intervening years. Cap'n Profanity seems to have the most parsimonious explanation, but maybe I don't yet want to believe someone could be so cartoonishly evil and profit-driven. Cheney used to have a reputation of being very moderate and consensus-building back in the Senate; I think maybe what happened is that 9/11 just broke a lot of conservative minds. Something snapped, and they ended up just sort of stumbling around looking for something to hit. It would explain why some seem to have just gone frothing mad.

Too much text. Not reading. Summarize into several words.

summary: nigga be crazy

Rodents of Unusual Size
Well you got being the Devi's Advocate part right.

I'd say there was never any credible evidence of Iraq having any nuclear capability, and if there was we would never have invaded.

It really bothers me how stupid the rationale was. Its disheartening to know so many people were ready to kill/have others kill for them based it on. We haven't made significant progress since the middle ages in this regard. There's just a little more salesmanship required.

He's a flip-flopping sumbitch. But that's only wrong when a LIEbural does it.

. . . . .
Coincidence that he joined the Halliburton board in 1995? I guess that was pretty enlightening.
I don't buy this Cheney as compassionate and insightful. I buy him as spinning a decision made by a Bush. He's still trying to sneer, too, you can see how his lip wanted to twitch. He was a republican sec. def. at this time, working for Bush I. It's not like he was Pollyanna and then working for evil Haliburton made him all cynical and out for profit. He doesn't give a shit about the grieving families; he's using their grief to buy off everybody's disappointment and resentment over not toppling Hussein.
Man that was freaky. Why the hell couldn't we get this Cheney?
After 9/11 everything changed. Suddenly none of those things Cheney said in the video were true anymore. Like ...


hang on, I'm working on it...
Needs to be highest of all time.
It's a drag that the fact that someone voted this below 5 stars means that it's not going to show up on the All Time Top Rated site, even if it's only one 4-star rating out of 14,000+ views...

So we'll have to make sure it'll show up in the most viewed list. It's taking off quite nicely on SU, now to get reddit and digg over on this motherfucker.

Holy moley.
Holy fuck.
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