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Desc:Deposition Week continues with this surly gentleman.
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:lawyer, deposition, was that a yes or a no
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Comment count is 21
Stall. Laugh. Insult. Be Vague. Try to Nitpick. Get Defensive. Get Aggressive. Swear.

Too bad none of it worked.
He could have saved a lot of time by just jumping to the last two words.
Your question

Turkey neck!
This was totally in the hopper.
Caminante Nocturno
Innocent people are never elaborate. Ever.
Matthew 5:37

grrr, you bastards with your front page privileges!!!! i submitted this two nights ago, and it's doing well in the hopper, and now it'll be duped to oblivion!!! i've been submitting for months now, with a 5 star average, why can't i submit directly to the front!?!?!

thats a fuck you!
Was that a yes or a no?

Sorry about that - I honestly checked the hopper, but didn't check it thoroughly enough, I guess. I'd be happy to let Chet give you this submission, if he can do that sorta thing.

The whole Hopper thing needs to be reworked - if dupe IDs could be checked automatically against the hopper as well as the archive, that would be super...

You can't submit the exact same link if it is already in the hopper. This is a case of it being duped on Youtube as well.

stopheles: i'm not really pissed. in the end, it's not like i can cash in my rating points for toys and candy. but i am curious as to how to get the front page access. perhaps i simply haven't submitted enough.

afgh: i don't think that is absolutely true. i've seen dupes inside the hopper sitting right next to each other that link to the same url. perhaps it catches it most of the time, but not always.

also: one bad thing about the detection is that sometimes it won't allow a submission that has gone through the hopper before but got ignored to obscurity. case in point: the animated Tom Waits for No One and God is God by juno reactor. i can't submit either, yet they arn't on the site.

I am reasonably confident you can't submit the exact same URL. If you leave out the "www" then it might go through

BUAHAHAHAHA!!! A simple question is posed, and he jumps to 10 different personalities in the span of a minute?
I have no idea who this man is or what the details of his case are, but I can say with total confidence that he is guilty.
Michael Houser
Are you sure this wasn't a Scorsese audition tape?
On a side-note, yeah, what's up with people being able to cock-block the Hopper? Executive privilege, Mu Ha Ha?!? That's not a very cool system. Is there, what, an oligarchy of twenty people that can pull some kind of rank? Sheesh.
Jeff Fries
He's got a case of the Lewis Black Indignant Conductor Fingers
You don't understand what you're talking about. I'm shocked.

Just pretend this is in response to Michael Houser.

Michael Houser
Afgh -- I know, I know. I am utterly stupefied when I catch myself being full of shit, which frankly really slows down my day.
Admittedly, I don't know how the system works here, and will endeavor to figure that out. I am already heartbroken by Aelric's revelation that we can't cash-in for prizes or candy.
In one instance I personally experienced with submitting links, I submitted a delightful clip from Kentucky Fried Movie, and mere seconds either before or after that action, it appeared on the main Poe TV page. And I am not POSITIVE, but I think it was the same link. But perhaps not. But still -- a semi-amazing coincidence.
So please, pardon my ignorance. But for God's sake, leave poor Jeff Fries out of this!!!
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