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Desc:Mike Rowe talks about attraction to animated characters.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:QVC, animated, Mike Rowe, very uncomfortable
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Comment count is 17
He just can't stop himself from talking about it.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This guy somehow makes QVC cool, even if momentarily. Therefore a full 5 stars.
I so want to have a beer with Mike Rowe.

And then make hot manlove.
Caminante Nocturno
No, Mike. It's not terrible. It's not terrible at all. It's perfectly natural.
Little Mermaid? At least pick one with a human vagina.
Where's the fun in that? I mean, if you're gonna go through all the trouble of turning yourself into a cartoon character, might as well go as freaky as you can.

Billy Buttsex
In that case, Jasmine.

Actually Mike, your brain being unable to identify with and play on aesthetic cues in artistic depictions of human characters is probably a sign of a developmental problem. Rock on dude.
Admittedly I don't pay a hell of a lot of attention, but isn't it generally assumed that all the Disney princess types are teenagers? +1 for "all that for the segue."
I'm going to speak out and say that Mike Rowe is even a nasty, bad, naughty boy.
5 stars for treating that job with all the respect and gravitas it deserves.
doc duodenum
Anime attraction is extremely unhealthy.
I love Mike Rowe.
When you realize there's no Blaire, these videos take on a disturbing new tone. He's alone in that room, people.
What? The? Hell???
Speaking of the beach, ROFL!
mike rowe is cool on a home shopping channel, and he's being cool while talking about being attracted to cartoon characters...so its like doubly cool.
Someone make an animated short of Mike Rowe fucking Ariel. I DEMAND IT.
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