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Desc:Miniseries Magic is back!!
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Fantasy, sparkling, renfaire, merlin, sam neill
Submitted:Jimmy Labatt
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Comment count is 15
This rocked my world in elementary school.
Caminante Nocturno
Some of those reviews were clearly written by people who took the Renaissance Festival too seriously.
i remember liking this quite a bit way back when. i don't think i'll watch it again, because i prefer to leave some things as fond memories.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This is one of the few things Martin Short ever did where he didn't suck. I remember liking it when I have always tended to hate Arthur stuff.
Yeah this was cool because it focused on the magicians instead of the other boring characters. A very nice miniserie indeed.

Aubrey McFate
Yes! Sam Neill was my favorite actor for a while because of this and Jurassic Park. The ending is unbelievable.
Jimmy Labatt
I was quite surprised that sparkling was already a tag
I'm sure this was fine and all, but hopefully the fantasy bar has been raised up a little bit by the Rings movies.
Oh piss on the Rings... Great effects wasted on a plodding and dull trilogy. This was severely awesome.

Have it on tape. most excellent series.
All I remember from this flick is the Merlin Gingerale that Andy Richter was clowning on on Conan
I always liked how at the end, they beat the evil queen by simply ignoring her. She was an internet troll all along!

For a while there, Hallmark made some excellent fantasy miniseries. They did a fine adaption of Gulliver's Travels before this. A sequel to Merlin ("Merlin's Apprentice") aired on basic cable last year, incidentally.
Yeah I have the Gulliver one on Laserdisc, nice one too.

Black Napkins
For a minute I thought it was "Merlin's House of Mystical Wonders" and that gets you an extra star.
Decent miniseries. The graphics were especially good for the day - I watched this a few months ago and it aged fairly well.
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