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Merzbau - 2007-09-20

Jesus Christ what the fuck

StanleyPain - 2007-09-20

They're also, in my humble opinion, pretty damn gross.

Urburos - 2007-09-20

In reality, it tastes like wet cookie crumbs on construction paper.

Dinky Patterson - 2007-09-20

Hi. I'm new here.

Why is this here?

zatojones - 2007-09-20

I think the greater question is why are *you* here?

Dinky Patterson - 2007-09-20

I'm tending to agree.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-09-21

What the hell do you think POE stands for, genius?

Dinky Patterson - 2007-09-21

I don't know, but if it's free advertising and celebrating mediocrity than I'm sure it's not worth fighting for.

petep - 2008-01-20

If you're too cool to watch a commercial about growing a beard of oreos without complaining, then you're too cool to be my friend.

bac - 2008-04-11


kiint - 2007-09-20

5 stars for sadly ironic value
-1 star for sadly ironic value

Grace Mugabe - 2007-09-20

Wait, what the fuck? This is real?

Cube - 2007-09-20

Yes, yes, YES! Now somebody pay a hundred scientists to figure a way to put hot dogs in the oreo-crust!

Operation Cornflakes - 2007-09-20

And fry the whole thing in bacon grease.

Xenocide - 2007-09-20

Then, reduce that concoction to jelly form, and put it in donuts.

kiint - 2007-09-20

deep-fried donuts, served in a trough of buttermilk

RockBolt - 2007-09-20

And here comes a gravy pipe

Frank Rizzo - 2007-09-20


Stupid Lisa Garbage Face - 2007-09-20

Call me when there's a peanut butter pizza

Severian - 2007-09-20

I don't understand all the stars. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood or have a temporary humor dysfunction. It's a dumb commercial for a stupid (and not very good) product.

Roachbud - 2007-09-20

It's because Oreo Pizza represents the coarsening of American cuisine and more broadly, the delcine of western of civilization

Dinky Patterson - 2007-09-20

That's it--I'm out of here.

quining - 2007-09-20

0 stars for retarded, unfunny ad dressed up in OMG DECLINE OF TEH WEST finery by beardos who were secretly disappointed by the lack of a stuffed-crust desert pizza.

+2 stars for getting rid of Whingy McVagoo there.

Dinky Patterson - 2007-09-20

I forgot my hat.

And quining--who's whiskey8ball? Why did he get credit for your submitted video/dupe "Planet of the Arabs"?

Roachbud - 2007-09-20

Seriously, fucking Oreo pizza is fucking evil.

Xenocide - 2007-09-21

It's true, I've wanted a stuffed-crust desert pizza for years. I mean, traversing the Sahara is tough enough without specially prepared food. Besides, doesn't the middle east deserve its own pizza, too?

Roachbud - 2007-09-21

quining, I'd rather be a beardo than whatever the fuck you are.

Innocent Bystander - 2007-09-20

Dinky Patterson - his stay on PoeTV was short, but sweet.

As sweet as the product being advertised here.

Seriously, being from not-U.S., I thought that basically all your food is more or less like this.

Black Napkins - 2007-09-20

No, we just don't try to justify our good cuisine, because how the hell do we explain it when we have this to contend with?

coprolalia - 2007-09-20

Only for our steadily expanding underclass.

kingarthur - 2007-09-21

How do I put this?

American food: At least it's not British food.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM, bitch! Taste those chemicals and preservatives!"

Yeah...that about sums it up, dude.

Afgh - 2007-09-20

If I wanted to watch completely mundane commercials, I'd turn on the TV.

HURF BLURF DUH - 2007-09-20

Amen brother. If there's one thing that doesn't belong on PoETV, it's a Domino's Pizza commercial.

SDAusmus - 2007-09-20

...unless The Noid is in it.

Cube - 2007-09-23

I'd turn the TV on too, if we'd get American commercials. For now I'll have to settle for YouTube for all the crazyness America has to offer for the rest of the world.

Aeschylus - 2007-09-20

So many people missing the point - the point being the BEARD GROWS

bongoprophet - 2007-09-21

I still don't get it.

does it grow because he doesn't wash away the crust and mold (or mould in american) starts growing on it or what?

Gwago - 2008-02-04

It grows because it's really a tumor.

Eroticus E - 2007-09-20


Quad9Damage - 2007-09-20

- 3 for being an evil commercial catering to bovine America.

+ 1 because, as Aeschylus pointed out, the beard does in fact grow.

Ethical Rapist - 2007-09-21

And on that note all of you are fatties.

StanleyPain - 2007-09-21

To get in on the beardery here: I think some of you are overestimating Dominos a bit, here. Dominos really isn't some pile-on-the-crazy-fattery-to-make-America-a-doomed-place kind of pizza place. Any of you who order from them or live near one or whatever should, even just in casual, know that they're always trying out new ideas for crazy desert/snack stuff in the neverending battle of the pizza companies for crazy desert/snack ideas to throw in with their pizzas, which is more of an indicative example of corporate food places.
But, putting all of that completely aside, it wouldn't matter what burger or pizza places offered; customers would make them as unhealthy and disgusting as is humanly possible to fit their own personal needs. I've known people who've worked at pizza places and they all have stories about how people ask for their stuff to be a made certain way, and usually the way is something at least mildly on the "ew" level. For example, one customer wanting a total of 10 frosting cups for a single order of cinnastix to the point where she gladly paid for the extra frosting. She claimed she used an entire cup per stick. There are more calories in the cup of frosting than the entire serving of cinnastix.
Or people ordering burgers with, say, so much extra cheese that the burger itself was practically the garnish, as opposed to the cheese. America will be fat regardless of the kooky corporate ideas of what makes good food.

kingarthur - 2007-09-21

I'm calling it. You are a shill.

Jeff Fries - 2007-09-21

The awesome thing about the pizza wars is seeing the stuff they come up with to stick in that giant oven. They should start delivering underwear.

Roachbud - 2007-09-21

I like Papa Johns more

Hooper_X - 2007-09-21

Wait, you mean I missed Dinky Pattersonapalooza?

Well, crap.

(seriously, though - the ad is mediocre pseudodadaist nonsense, the product sounds fucking disgusting, and lol poor people are fat yet malnourished at the same time.)

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-09-21

I think it needs more gravy.

Corman's Inferno - 2007-09-21

5 if only for the grotesque idea of a beard made entirely of dried food. Imagine what that horror smells like.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2007-09-21

How come they weren't obese in the ad? Is this even fair marketing?

Caminante Nocturno - 2007-09-21

So, has anybody actually tasted this thing?

Enjoy - 2007-09-27

If you mean his beard, no I haven't tasted it yet.

gambol - 2007-09-23

My five stars are for this thread.

Schraff - 2007-09-23

I feel like I should pay Kthor a nickel every time this site makes me throw up. "Food" and exploding cysts are a great part of my weight loss plan!

FABIO2 - 2007-11-02


Cherry Pop Culture - 2008-02-18

-1 star for gaining 10 lbs. after watching this ad

Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2008-04-11

i want it it, yet i suspect it's nasty

Pillager - 2010-01-13

The commercial was good.

This thread gets 5.

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