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Desc:Montage of swears from ONE episode of Deadwood. Warning: Non-stop course language
Category:Arts, Educational
Tags:deadwood, potty mouth, creative swearing
Submitted:a flaming monkey
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Comment count is 17
So what the fuck happened to the two 1 1/2 hour specials that were supposed to air this fuckin' year?
Awesome episode
Now, I should be giving this 5 stars, because Deadwood is fucking beautiful, but I have lost any and all patience with this "HURR HURR LOTS UV SWEARS!" critique that sticks with the show like a case of the crabs. Deadwood is an elegantly written, insightful manifest on the American experiment.

and they say fuck and cunt a lot

a flaming monkey
I watch it for the swearing, and the swearing alone.
Innocent Bystander
-1:31 "Fucking fucking fucking hobby".

I've heard somewhere that "fuck" wasn't used to mean anything except, you know, fucking, at the time Deadwood is supposedly depicting. Artistic license, I guess.
I heard an interview with a writer for the show (perhaps the creator) who said that back then "sacreligious" words like damn and hell were the really bad ones and were used a lot, but in order to convey the uncivil nature of the frontier to a modern audience they decided to use bad words we'd be more shocked by today. Hence all the "fuck shit piss cunt" language.

Wow, what an eloquent way to explain something done for ratings.

The thing is, the swearing on this show is massively anachronistic. But I guess a show where people used "hell" and "damned" as final-straw swears would come off like The Adventures of Yosemite Sam" to a modern audience.
Some dude on the radio said we have Second World War soldiers to thank for the word 'fuck' having any meaning you want.
P.S. "course" language?
specifically Norman Mailer even though he couldn't spell it

It was already common in the First World War.

so I can't help but wonder if you meant "curse" or "coarse" or maybe you couldn't decide and you got confused and tried to do both words at once

a flaming monkey
No! You're supposed to learn it by wrote! Course as in a college course! That's why it's in the educational category. Sheesh, I thought that was obvious.

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