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Desc:From the same Fantastic Four cartoon as the godawful Human Torch rap.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:The Thing, fantastic four, clobbering
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Comment count is 14
what time is it? it's type up your resume time!!
I love the Fantasic Four, for they have put up with some serious mistreatment (the movies being the most recent example). This show was like 60 white upper-management types all sitting down for a teleconference and deciding what would be really good for a children's program in place of having a script. But the 1978 animated show is my favourite; it was a special kind of pure insanity that traveled well beyond the realm of anything I've ever seen before.
Mr. Fantastic! The Invisible Woman! The Thing! And...a fucking tiny robot!

With any luck at all none of these people ever had any sort of work ever again.
Dammit, Thing, kids are watchin this, put on something besides your stupid BVDs for once.
Caminante Nocturno
We are all better off for the decision to run this song during the end credits and to not actually make a music video for it.
The hell we are.

It also names and shames the people responsible.

"The animation can't POSSIBLY be worse than 'Flame on'.....oh dear"
Is that 'Ms. Lion' from "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends"?
"Don't watch, precious! Don't you dare!"
Oh my God, I fucking remember this.
Cherry Pop Culture
00:56: Music Composed and Produced By GIORGIO MORODER
WHAT? Oh fuck me, I didn't see that. So sad now :(

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