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Desc:More from the HEY I REMEMBER THAT SHOW file. Well, I remember it, anyway.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:80s, nostalgia, TV Theme Week, mom buy me that
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Comment count is 19
I found this to be one of the catchier 80's cartoon themes. I think it's the "ooh-ooh-woo-ooh" part that appeals to me. Also, the fact that they have to tell you they're PROUD to be a family.
Shit I had forgotten this one. It came at the end of my cartoon watching days
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Bionic-1 one's smile will haunt my nightmares.

By the way, how gigantic of an anime fag do you have to be to just know from the intro that a Japanese dude directed this opening?
I think even a passing awareness of japanese animation cliches would point that out. Characters smiling in front of flashing speed lines? YOU DON'T SAY.

Princess v2.1
(dons monacle)

You don't say?

Caminante Nocturno
If I remember correctly (I do), the show itself wasn't even remotely as cool as the opening. That's not uncommon, I know, but I remember this show being the worst offender in that category.
This was one of those shows where only one or two characters had useful abilities. Everyone else just stood around and got rescued. I never did figure out what the black kid's power was.

Awesome theme song though.

His power was bionically enhanced clicheness. when he powered up, he got a wheelchair and a high fade.

They keep saying they are a family but they are all different races what gives? Do they mean family in the metaphorical sense? If so, why do they keep saying it over and over? Repetition of a metaphor is usually avoided because it causes confusion.

This cartoon opening is severely flawed.
Caminante Nocturno
They're all adopted, because apparently Mr. And Mrs. Bionic decided to create some sort of freakish 80's Planeteer group rather than a family.

I think the two white kids are their biological offspring, but the other two are totally adopted. I vaguely remember an episode where the Asian Karate Master kid goes to OMG JAPAN to find his real father, who was a ninja or some incredibly obvious shit.

K Clobber
This was one of the stupidest fucking cartoons I ever watched as a child. Some of my friends were into it. I could never fathom why.

Also, does he say 'brought together by fate', or 'brought together by faith'?

If 'faith', this show is even more of a piece of garbage than I realized.
Hugo Gorilla
It's probably "fate" but keep chasing those windmills, my brother.

Since when did the Village People get their own futuristic cartoon show?
Rodents of Unusual Size
I had completely forgotten about this show. It was a good idea at the very least.
We're proud to be a family--where we put our children and foster children on ATVs, without helmets, underwater planes, and in mortal danger! We're proud to be a family!
Well, it's good that they're not ashamed to be a family. That would just be sad.

Well, they're already FUCKING BIONIC. I'm pretty sure falling off an ATV isn't gonna rough 'em up too bad.

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