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Angel Carver - 2007-10-29

I can't stop masturbating to this video.

Maxville - 2007-10-29

This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

Thanks SFW Fetish Week!

Brautwurst_Barbarian - 2007-10-29

Oh god! This quicksand is SOOO THICK!

Aelric - 2007-10-29

this is shaping up to be more disturbing than amputee week, and this is day one.

the sad thing is, i know what horrors may come.

Billings - 2007-10-29

what the fuck are you babbling about faggot? If you don't think this is hot your a queer.

Billings - 2007-10-29

Seriously the comments on this video are fantastic. Please please read them.

EvilHomer - 2007-10-29

"this is sick... this is what i want to call suicide. i tried to stick to the idea that this just was a fake movie. but i am not that convinced. i felt for that poor girl. i dont think you can possibly fake things like that. if you cant breef then you will die. i am a vorephile, but i couldnt find any good about this. and those who think that this is "cool", must have been the same idiots that could make fun of 11. september. shame on youreselfe and burn in hell..."

athodyd - 2007-10-29

"It would be even better if she could at least act desperate..."

"Finally, someone with the balls to say what we're all thinking."

God bless you, outspoken quicksand fetishist.

Cleaner82 - 2008-05-11

Vorephiles are the internet's conscience.

Adramelech - 2007-10-29

No matter how many years I spend on the internet and no matter how many batshit sites and videos I see, I don't think my mind will ever fully comprehend that there is such a thing as a "quicksand community".

K Clobber - 2007-10-29

They couldn't make that bitch hold her breath for 15 more seconds? Fucking tease.

Sudan no1 - 2007-10-29

ohmigawd, I'm like, totally sinking in quicksand you guys

Stopheles - 2007-10-29

That's what you get for recognizing that you were up to your ankles in quicksand and deciding that that would be the perfect time for doing a series of hip rolls.

Billy Buttsex - 2007-10-29

She'd be hot if it wasn't for all the weird

Rafiki - 2007-10-29

I think the most terrifying thing about this video is I know that, deep down, I still can't say, "Now I've seen everything."

Fingasmcgee - 2007-10-29

Guys help *panty shot* I'm sinking *bends to camera* Ahhh help *cleavage shot* aaahhhh oooh yeah aaahhhh *smiles quickly then turns back to a sad face* boo hoo help me *sinks just a bit* i'M GONNA DIE *faked orgasmic look* help *quicksand goatee*
in all seriousness she is hot but she won't be when she's dead ...from quick sand,!stop having thoughts about her corpse... you... you animals, God!

Camonk - 2007-11-02

She's a really good actress.

baleen - 2007-11-03

It would be cool if instead of grass coming out of mud there were a bunch of big dicks.

Caminante Nocturno - 2007-11-05

"Help me, I'm in quicksand!"

Ha ha ha ha ha.

B_Ko - 2007-11-27

I got rock hard when that stick snapped.

ashtar. - 2007-12-09

I expected an ICP fan being extirpated. Disappointment, thy name is quicksand fetish!

Vicious - 2008-01-13

She's not fat enough to be an ICP fan. That opens up the possibility that she has a gimmick name solely to attract the quicksand fetishist juggalo and I can't imagine that group has much spending money.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-04-24

There was a moment where I felt like I was looking up at the top of a parking garage that someone had lobbed a cinderblock off of, just in time to notice the brick is about three inches away from my face.

This video is like the precise moment of impact, stretched into five minutes.

Fuck you, internet.

CornOnTheCabre - 2008-05-06


commandocucumber - 2008-08-20

one is forced to wonder exactly what the hell the quicksand is doing to her...

La Loco - 2009-01-14

What a lame fetish. Straight people are sick.

kwash - 2010-07-08

And then the camera guy just walks away.

Wombles - 2011-05-24

Is this considered a good or great video in the quicksand community?

Because it really wasn't; she was a terrible actress and had to dig herself into it. Maybe there's money to be made in doing this sort of thing with slightly higher production values.

split tail - 2011-06-28

snuff film?

Old_Zircon - 2013-10-29

Back in the PoE Red days I found a quicksand fetish movie production company that had shot at least a half dozen feature length VHS quicksand movies with plots, and I still regret not buying their Christmas movie.

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