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Desc:If this doesn't make you smile you are dead inside.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Magic, steve martin
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Calamity Jon
And a hard-boiled egg!
a million billion trillion stars
Simple premise, brilliantly done. Love the ending.
Caminante Nocturno
FUN CINEMA FACT: This act almost got Martin the role of Quato in Total Recall, but the deal fell through when it was decided to take the film in a more action-oriented direction.
Killer Joe
It's great when people can't figure out how it's done. IT'S MAGIC.
There's nothing magical about putting a puppet on your d*ck.

What's impressive though is that his balls are articulate enough to deal with the puppet hands.

Attention most people born after 1985 - this is called comedy.
Next stop: Cheaper By the Dozen Two!

He's also an astounding banjo player.

Once upon a time, he was an astounding comedian.
Till he had kids. So many comedians are forever lost to family "comedy".

Also - he's a pretty damn good writer. Check out "Pure Drivel".

It has to be WAY out of print by now, but try finding a copy of his book "Cruel Shoes", which he published around the time "The Jerk" came out. It has a pretty good-sized cult following (there's a used bookstore in my city where the owner---a fan of the book----makes sure there are at least 3-4 copies in stock at any given time) so I'd imagine you can find copies both cheap and plentiful on Amazon or Ebay, but if you don't want to be bothered, the complete text can be found here:


The hard copy is worth it though just for all the awesome pictures of Steve writing the book and progressively getting drunker and drunker in each pic. The stories themselves are almost like old B. Kliban comix without the pictures.

And he's a pretty fine tap dancer as well. Check out his "tap-off" with Gregory Hines, also on PoeTV.

Guy has insane range. I admire him a lot, hacky family movies and all.

helicopter cats
This was from the very last week of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show by the way and it was shocking THEN how funny it was. He was already well down the path of hackery by that point.
A pinnacle of human comedy.

This should be sent to every galaxy within telescope range, in the hopes they may know joy.
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