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Desc:MAM MIDI Player and Chrono Trigger Music
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:midi, chrono trigger, NICO-NICO DOUGA, MAM, Music Animation Machine
Submitted:Ranma X.
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Comment count is 19
Caminante Nocturno
I want to give it -1 star for not having any of Magus' or Frog's music in it, but...
2:06 For Magus's theme. Brief but there. -1 for no Frog. Frog is awesome. Frog is an ideal to which we should all aspire. Frog deserves his own cartoon series. I demand a Frog-having remix of this music.

*liberally applies pizza grease and Cola to T-shirt*

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
but the world refused to change!
Totally nerding out on the battle music over here.
Adham Nu'man
Never played Chrono Trigger; don't give a shit about video games. Best MIDI music I've heard though deserves a couple of stars...
A lot of people don't know this, but most of the background instruments in most pop music is recorded with MIDI...so, this isn't the best.

Actually, I'm pretty sure the score of Chrono Trigger is better than some shitty pop music.

Midi quality depends on the quality of the synth/soundcard playing.

Aubrey McFate
That is a great idea. I never thought you could actually do something like that.
Ichigo Style
I want my main orchestral theme, damnit. -1 star for not having "Chrono Trigger" I mean, first off, it's the damn title song, and second off, it's the best damn song on that OST
The Jazz Version from "Brink of Time" is also quite good :3
No world revolution?
No Zeal?
I guess I have to only give this a five.
5 stars for sequencing Crono and Luca against the Dragon Tank.
Holy hell, my brain.
Spider Jerusalem
There were supposed to be nus and a dragon tank in there, right? Because if not I think I have synesthesia.
Pie Boy
5 for Nus on the Zeal theme.
I don't know what this is or how it happened but it's somehow fucking rad.
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