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Desc:What it says. Featuring requisite gratuitous slow mo
Category:Science & Technology, Stunts
Tags:rednecks, holy fucking shit
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Comment count is 22
zatojones - 2007-12-11
New Jersey pine barren hillbillies
HURF BLURF DUH - 2007-12-11
That thing copped some fucking AIR. Wow. Surprising how awesome drunk rednecks can be sometimes, isn't it?
Screwtape - 2007-12-11

I was expecting some redneck blood.
Ursa_minor - 2007-12-11
athodyd - 2007-12-11

Syd Midnight - 2007-12-11
I'm ashamed to give this 5 stars, but I feel that he earned them.
fourthguy - 2007-12-11

Jefka - 2007-12-11
I totally lost it on the second replay. "YYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHSSS!!!"
bopeton - 2007-12-11
Okay, that was way more awesome than I thought.
Enjoy - 2007-12-11
Forgot the Alienjack tag
Blaise - 2007-12-11
How do you spell videos?

glasseye - 2007-12-11
They sound even more ridiculous in the slow-mo bit.

Fuckin' rednecks.
PlushJake - 2007-12-12
Those guys are cool.
1394 - 2007-12-12
time stretch armstrong
Pie Boy - 2008-01-05
Loses a star for no crash
Gains a star for no crash
sparklefatty - 2008-07-04
Nice front yard.
Tuan Jim - 2008-08-24
"I don't want this barrel in here with me"
bopeton - 2009-02-20
. . . why'd they even bring that barrel

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-09-26
It would be pretty cool to hang out with these guys. As long as they don't involve me in it.
Keefu - 2008-10-10
I'm glad I no longer live in Jersey.
Lies, lies, LIES! - 2009-04-06
"Thanks to Budweiser we got the job done."
APE_GOD - 2010-05-01
Dude, bro. Man. Dude bro. Dude. Budweiser.
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