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Desc:Obese sped explains why the Gamecube is fail
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:Gamecube, Brooklyn, retard, Obese, fatty
Submitted:Princess v2.1
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Comment count is 40
Heavy breathing indecisive fanboy anger.

Homeboy should've bought a Wavebird instead of that knockoff wireless.
He has to point out his systems with a GODDAMN BROOM HANDLE. This is beyond parody. This is perfect.


this man talks like a low polygon model from the 90's.
that was the first thing i thought when i saw the pre load

He looks like one too.

Plus, he has an XB360 and PS3 and is only just now reviewing a GameCube?


He might live in Norway?

a flaming monkey
His Youtube profile says he from Brooklyn NY. Go figure.

I find the Angry Nintendo Nerd utterly boring. But this transgressive version of it blows my mind and I would like to see much more.
The first thing that came to mind when I saw the hardcore fatty pointing at his game consoles was if he washes himself with a stick.

"had to perform a certain amount of blowjobs on the cartridges in order for the games to work"
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Why doesn't he have a southern accent?
I think this guy just said the disc looks like a chocolate chip cookie. I just don't even know what to say to that.
And the lust in his eyes when he makes up the similarity.

Dr. Smooth
I think he was just happy with himself because he thought it was a very clever comparison.

a certain hamount of plo chops
Monchiles Monchiles
In the past this man would have had a gorgeous plantation.
I love how he blames Nintendo for his NES having been broken.
Man, the part where he pulls the camera away from the dirty window after smashing the controller with the hammer and all you can hear is his breathing is some terrifying shit. I wonder how many raped girl scout corpses this guy has in his place.
Somewhere this guy is laughing hysterically at a totaly edgy PEDOBEAR joke.
He looks and talks like Heavy Weapons Guy
Hugo Gorilla
Oh, my God (wheeze) who touched (wheeze) Sasha? Who touched (wheeze) my FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT GUN?!

Hugo Gorilla
One of his other videos explains why he loves root beer. God bless him.
Baby Cakes come to life... I wonder if disability benefits paid for those game consoles.
I'll bet it took him 20 minutes to reach his Shitcube at -7:05
a flaming monkey
Pointing stick....
Pointing stick!

Frank Rizzo

'Sup. Just chillin' in my wheeled chair, drinkin' OJ, drowning in layers of my own body fat. Aw yeah. Let's talk about videogames.
... the Xbox 360 and its power adaptor must be well ventilated, you dumb bastard! You're killing it!
Frank Rizzo
wow! I didnt know you could actually get a dialing wand.
I have a fat, lazy uncle (not THIS fat, but fat) who not that long ago had an old-school TV, the kind with the UHV and VHF dials. Of course it had no remote control, and because he was too fat and lazy to get up and change the channel, he had to invent the "Remote Stick." It was an 8-foot bamboo pole with a notch cut in the end that he would use to change the dials from his recliner. He'd line the notch up with the dials and then twist the pole. Click, click, click.

That's the first thing I thought of when fatty mcfatfuck here pointed to his consoles with the quickie broom handle.

I tried so hard not to laugh at him, but I honestly expected him to put that game disc in his mouth. And none of the reasons he lists justify his hate of the Gamecube. Every pre-Gamecube Nintendo system had an expansion port that never really got used.
Princess v2.1
I love the unintentional horror of the controller being smashed
Incredible. There is so much going on here. The breathing, the broomstick, the noises, the slowed down breathing after smashing. The entire reason he hates the gamecube is because his wireless controller took batteries and the games were small enough to eat.
"I'm sorry. The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. Please use a dialing wand and try again."

The only reassuring thing about this video is the fact that he's too fat to fit through doors. Thus trapping him inside his domain forever. Allowing us all to walk the streets without fear of him swallowing us.
Unless you realize he's actually a russian maffia kingpin

Ichigo Style
I enjoy how he's too fat actually go and point to them.
This kind of humor is really dulled by self-awareness.
There's another video of him where halfway through a piece of gum falls out of his mouth and just sits on his boob for the remaining duration of the video.
what. the.. what?
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