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Desc:Jon decides to grow a mustache
Category:Humor, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:garfield, bangles, Jim Davis, lasagna cat, manic monday
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Resubmit:Aubrey McFate

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Comment count is 16
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-01-17
That's some amazing puppet work on the blanket.

Maybe it isn't, but that's what I liked the most about this one.
RomancingTrain - 2008-01-17
I thought they had a blue screen and just shrunk the video of the guy who plays Garfield, or something.

dead_cat - 2008-01-18
Yes, that's been composited -- and the guy who plays garfield could very well be the guy playing jon.

Wonko the Sane - 2008-01-17
"I've decided to grow a mustache" -Jon
Elainen - 2008-01-17
Five stars for the gestures.
citrusmirakel - 2008-01-17
Ah yes, this is the one I wanted. Thank you.
Camonk - 2008-01-17
These are endlessly brilliant and I love them.
revdrew - 2008-01-17
You did it, Jon.
zatojones - 2008-01-17
Menudo con queso - 2008-01-17
I heard that Garfield hates them.

BHWW - 2008-01-17
"I suppose I could blame this on Monday." - Garfield

It's just another manic Monday
Wish it were Sunday
bongoprophet - 2008-01-17
this is it, it can't get better than this one.. this time I'm sure
Merzbau - 2008-01-17
Oh, but it can. Oh, but it does! Just you wait until the "Jon Makes Toast" video.

DrVital - 2008-01-17
Yee Haw!

delicatessen - 2008-01-17
Sometimes I wish life could always be like Lasagna Cat 01/19/1987.

Mood: Handlebar moustache
RockBolt - 2008-03-05
YouTube nerfed the audio for 'copyright reasons'


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