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Desc:A true American hero. She says what I wish everyone would say.
Category:Humor, Classic TV Clips
Tags:American Idol, Jews, victory, alexis cohen, chutzpah
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Comment count is 21

Her myspace page. Very lovely.


I'd like to see her and the BLACK COUGAR inventor breed.
Dinky Patterson
Conditional chutzpah.
Aww, how brave of her. She licked their balls to their faces and said rude things after she left the room.

I do believe you're missing the point of this whole american idol submission exercise.

Possibly. I thought the flamingo guy was funny but I don't get this at all. She had a raspy, warbley voice and the British guy thought she should be in a band. She got weepy about it, making her slightly famous on the internet. I see the parts but what they add up to is completely lost to me.

doc duodenum
She has a dog and some cats so she can practice her veterinary studies on them?
Y'know what really gets me? It's not the fact that she waited until she was out of the room to grow a pair of balls, it's not the horrible life goals and glitter all over her face, it's that Simon didn't really DO anything. He actually seemed kinda nice to her- he said she was good enough to be in a band, and her style wouldn't fit with the show, and that was that.

Three stars because Ms Dafoe pales in comparison to Our Brother Renaldo, but +1 for Lindner's Black Cougar idea.
Frank Rizzo
she didnt knock those judges on their feet.
Billy Joel wrote Allentown.

Is this somehow different than all the other people that get pissed off with Simon after he says no?

you people have been spoiled by the internet.
Yeah, exactly. I expect more than average television at this point.

ODD? Extreme bipolar? Hmmmm. She seriously needs a mood stabilizer, that's for sure.
I cannot wait to talk about this at the water cooler tomorrow.
Simon really wasactually kind of nice to her, seriously if you have no musical training what si ever and you only hear yourself sing in in the shower, 9/10 you probably aren't that great a singer. She's kind of exceptional since she seems to be a few fries short of a happy meal and don't you need to go to vetrinary school?
I look forward to her long career in actressing.
haha, I saw that janis joplin thing a mile away.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Thank YOU, reality television. 5 stars...of victory!
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