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Desc:The gang tests the myth that a water heater will explode and launch like a rocket
Category:Classic TV Clips, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:rocket, Myth Busters, Water Heater
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Dude. Not enough stars in the cosmos.
that is awesome
why do they get to blow shit up for money while i live in a dump and beg for change to develop film? it's not fucking fair!
The McK
That's what pretty much everyone thinks when they watch this show.

That almost made it into orbit
Gamara II
Ok, awesome, but they sealed off the pressure release valve. For something like this to happen in real life it would take very determined stupidity.

However.. sometimes people are that stupid:
http://pipeline.corante.com/archives/2006/03/08/how_not_to_do_ it_liquid_nitrogen_tanks.php

On a side note, compressed air cylinders have been reported to launch through several floors of a building if their tops get sheared off. I wanna see that!
Holy shit, that may actually be better than the one where they practically atomized a cement truck .

Uh, not meant to be areply to anyone, sorry. Though they did do at least one variation of the urban myth about compressed air canister explosions, I believe.

C. Eloi Marx
The compressed air canister was great, but not as dramatic as this. They sheared the valve off with a guillotine-like contraption, then the canister took off like a torpedo and punched clean through (literally, the hole was the size and shape of the canister) a cinder-block wall.

I read an after action report from Iraq that involved a soldier accidentally shooting a propane tank. It didn't explode but instead flew around the inside of the room like a rocket.

The Mythbusters just did that one too, and yeah shooting a propane tank, if you can even puncture it, just vents gas everywhere. They needed incendiary rounds to make it go kablewie

A typical gas cylinder (at 5000psi) has the equivalent stored energy of about a pound of TNT. If the top breaks off, all that energy is directed, and it becomes a 150lb bullet.

Outta the ballpark!
One of my favorites. I can't believe it holds its course so well.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Holy fucking shit, how have I not seen this one before!? That launch was PERFECT!
This is probably what ICBMs look like in a steam-punk world.
Banal Intercourse
Fucking amazing! Amazing that the boiler/rocket landed within 100 feet of where it was launched from. If aimed, it could have made it across the bay.
So... plausible or confimed?
I saw them live and someone asked how high the water heater flew and they said that there were two answers, one is around 504 feet because that's the limit that the FAA says you can launch something so that's what they have to officially say, then there's the real height which was well over that. I forget what they guessed the height to be, it was back in November and now it's May and I've forgotten.
This episode surprised the hell out of me

God I love this show.
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