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Desc:8 'Englishmen' are shown to have some mixed blood. Yay racism!
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:racism, dna, England
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Comment count is 18
Enh. 50,000-60,000 years ago our ancestors (estimated to be somewhere on the order of 10,000 of them) were all in Africa.
Billy Buttsex
If you look English and you act English and you learned the "English Way," you're fuckin' English.

BIG DEAL. It's not like having a black ancestor 50 million years ago is gonna ruin your shit. And who cares if you're proud to be English? Huh?

Oh, you POErs and Jesse Jackson.
The great apes hadn't even evolved 50 million years ago, dipshit

Ahem, Roachbud. They prefer the term "African-American".

but, say, second generation immigrants have no way of being english? is that what you are saying? or just about anyone who doesn't look english?

Bahhh, it's all cultural anyway. Well, outside of genetic predispositions to specific dieases and shit, anyway.

I always knew the English were mongrels.
I love the arbitrary cutoff of the norman invasion and that only the anglo-saxons are truly native. Because the vikings, the SAXONS, the romans, the celts were all completely english.
But the Anglo-Saxons WERE the English, so yes, coming from Germany or not, they were completely English. The Celts weren't English, they were the blokes the English beat up (and still beat up, in the form of the Scots and Welsh). The Romans didn't make much of a genetic mark and even when they did it was on the afore-beaten Celtic population. And the Viking population was more or less exterminated outside of a few of those little winky islands nobody cares about.

I don't know whether it's about who's "truly" native and who's not (when you get right down to it, not one of the groups still remaining in Britain arrived on an uninhabited island, and the last "native" was probably murdered in cold blood more than 5,000 years ago), but rather who is English i.e. who comes from Anglo-Saxon stock and who comes from everything else. Plus, starting things off with the Norman invasion is pretty standard for Englishmen- it was the last time England was overrun by foreign invaders (the Vikings don't count, as they only snagged a portion of the island and got pushed back into the sea a couple centuries later) as well as the "start" of the "English" monarchy (and thus "the English nation"). It might seem a bit silly to start "England" with a bunch of Frenchmen poking Harry's eye out, but it's not arbitrary; you can thank the way Englishmen learn their history for that.

Hugo Gorilla
This is sexy. And English racism is so polite.
wtf japan
I loved how, upon revelation, each person remarked that their unique racial influence accounted for some of their more peculiar tendencies.

Oh, I'm Northern European. That must explain why I'm a bigot.
Rodents of Unusual Size
"Not percent Sub Saharan African..."
"Oh thank God for that!"

And then she feels the need to tell him that she doesn't speak Chinese.
naught percent, retard. How fucking stupid do you have to be to misspell a word on the internets?

Bouncer stupid.

(hint: They're English, Roachy. Zero is "nought", with an "o".)

With this video quality, for all I know these people are black.
So where does the faggotry gene come from?
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