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Desc:Now marks the regimes of the Muslims.
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:Muslim, Hillary Clinton, elections, Barack Obama, crush your skull with our weapons
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Comment count is 10
The Great Hippo
Simultaneously too crappy and not crappy enough to earn a high score. This gets a 3.
Hugo Gorilla
I'm convinced.
Five stars for using the "Always Sunny" terrorist tape audio.

Minus two for it being a cheap shot implying Clinton supporters are racist. They aren't racist. Just evil commie Satanists.
Cap'n Profan!ty
this is marvelous satire
The Great Hippo
Even if it IS satire (irony sense not tingling here), it's still pretty much just average.

American as I know it will be dead! Oh no!
Man, remember when the worst thing we had to worry about was flip-flopping?
Vote Clinton: At least she is not a black arab muslim who might be a terrorist sleeper cell

How on earth is this funny or cute or exciting or awesome or watchable?
ATTENTION AMERICA: Obama's family is full of black people!
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