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Desc:Cat loses mobility in accident, owner builds robot for him. Cat seems unenthusiastic about it.
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:cat, Robot, elvis, gimp, prison on wheels
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Comment count is 16
Father, why won't you let me die?
You sick bastards.
There's probably just a camera guy with a remote control just off-screen. That box can't be sanitary
Dr. Lobotomy
Why do they have biohazard tags on their shirts?
I wanna see him go down the stairs
"the cat would probably thank me?" the answer is would fleet captain pike?
Except the cat doesn't get to walk at the end of the episode.

Robot cat wants a buzzsaw attachment
Robot cat should fucking get one. And a flamethrower attachment. And some sort of an all-terrain setup that can both "jump" slightly and handle things like stairs.

All he wanted was the simple dignity of a kitty-wheelchair, dammit. IT'S TIME TO MAKE THE HUMANS PAY.

Cats naturally like to spin in circles
why does this horrify me so much?
Way to tape your cat to an R/C car and videotape it. Very funny.
I like how they give it instructions about where to go. As if cats care about that.
Capn Profan!ty
These are a Robot Wars team, you can see their battle robot on the workbench. Also: cat in a box.
That is the face of a cat who is plotting your death.
And why the hell didn't they just give the kitty a standard wheel-frame setup like most animals with paralyzed hind legs get? Even if the cat really is the one moving the box, he's still pissed as hell at *being in a box*. At least the animal wheelchair would allow his movements to feel far more natural than just sitting in a box and making it go.

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