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Desc:Freakazoid encounters a villian unsure of his weakness.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Superman, freakazoid, green lantern, wiked witch, weakness
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Comment count is 20
Oh Freakazoid, you've done it again!
Don't forget Aquaman's thousands of weaknesses.
what's with all the Freakzoid all of a sudden? At best, it's like the Animaniacs slightly less retarded cousin. And according to wiki, a direct bastardization of Madman
Madman never had a show :P

Cinnamon Imperialist
I submitted a clip and I guess it reminded everybody of how awesome it was.

A few funny clips do not equal "awesome." Freakazoid fucking sucked, I'm sorry. I'm not going to go all one-star fag , but jesus that's one cartoon I've never understood the fanbase for.

It's because God made you without a soul. :(

Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm with StanleyPain, this show was BORING. I'll refrain from rating so I don't ruin the fun.

I'm with Xenocide, God made you without a soul.

Syd Midnight
Freakzoid may not have been the best "wacky, self aware" kids cartoon, but it had its moments. It was always better than the goddamn Animaniacs.

Is that Ricardo Montalban?


Moreover, its post-sucked-into-the-internet Ricardo Montalban.

Well, the punchline was worth three stars.
Yeah pretty much. Seconding Animaniacs' slightly less retarded cousin.

Cinnamon Imperialist
Is...is that the Wizard of Speed and Time?
Spastic Avenger
Ripping off Jittlov is the american national sport.

Jeff Fries
Man, Timm was one of those dudes who started out brilliantly and has slowly just devolved blatantly.
Oh no they left off the poo-gas part.
Nobody likes poo-gas.
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