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Desc:Kermit the Frog covers Elliott Smith.
Category:Short Films, Humor
Tags:kermit, sad, The Royal Tenenbaums
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Comment count is 10
oh i get it
Hey guys! I have this awesome idea. We take this icon from our childhood, right... and then we put him into some adult situation!

It's pure fucking comedy gold, and the best part is that it hasn't been done to fucking death ten goddamn thousand times over and over and over ad nauseum for the last 15 or so years until every dumbfuck with a cell phone and a super mario doll has created their own "Super Mario Shoots Up!" youtube video which lasts for 10 minutes mining the same stupid, unfunny joke which then goes out there and mixes with all of the other stupid, derivative "childhood in adult world lol" jokes on youtube which get disseminated throughout the internet until you can't check the goddamn new york times without being hit in the face with a flood of horrible unfunny and it's goddamn everywhere and it sucks and you just wish you were dead.

So anyway, one star.

Walt Henderson
Agreed. Don't fuck with The Muppets(TM).

Great observational humor is about articulating what I've been thinking.

Exactly. If there were a way to give this crap negative stars, I would do so with gusto.

And the cover sucks too.
This could've been way, way better. Maybe better with Gonzo.
No, fail.
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