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Desc:Mr. Spock plays that thing that he plays.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:star trek, hippies, zatojones
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Comment count is 22
5 stars just for Charles Napier as a space hippie.
This clip is a textbook example of why I always preferred the original Star Trek over Next Generation: the original series had a bunch of psychedelic stuff in it, and Next Generation had 1,000,000 episodes of Data wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat.

When you're high and you have the choice of two similar TV shows, always go with the groovier of the two, I say.

Corman's Inferno
Puppets and make-up always beat pure CGI. ALWAYS.

Pure CGI? What Next Generation were you watching?

Caminante Nocturno
The trouble Kirk got into when he was young involved getting dressed while escaping an angry father.
I love how that futuristic musical instrument perfectly replicates the sound of an ancient guitar.
Syd Midnight
That's some shitty-ass white boy blues too. I bet the British space hippies play better space-guitar.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Hippy terrorism.

Oh man, that was perfect on so many levels.
synthecoccus novae virus = Space Hippy Syphilis

5'd because the hippies die from eating highly acidic fruit on their little hippie back-to-the-earth trip.
Worth it for Spock's entrance alone. He just brings it so hard.
Five stars for THIGHS. Needs a "miniskirts" tag.
That for me is why any Star Treks after the first one are pointless.

Oh yes, so many luscious thighs. Also, bald hippie mastermind played by Max Hardcore.

Hippy chick was hot. I was going to mention the thighs too... Well formed. I like em a little meaty.

Janusian Soul
I can't take the bald guy seriously when he has a daisy tattooed on his scalp.
Rodents of Unusual Size
You know that Spock just wants to smack the crap out of that orange haired guy.
Not as good as the Sound Of Feeling episode, but close.
Syd Midnight
This episode is probably my earliest TV memory. At the time, the only thing I comprehended was "apples are sometimes poisonous", which bothered me greatly.

Then the Rockford Files came on which meant I had to go to bed.
So how hippie do you have to be to be a hippie in the feel-good Star Trek universe?
I love the look Spock gets as he sits down to jam with the leggy blond and her mag-wheel bass.
The Mothership
You are so stiff, Herbert!
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