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Desc:Scene from a totally shameless Italian "Aliens" ripoff.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Aliens, Italian, Shotgun, bruno mattei, Shocking Dark
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Comment count is 16
Caminante Nocturno
Was that girl too distracted by the synth-hawk noises the lumpy aliens made to immediately notice the other button she could press?
Wow. Can I make a movie that blatantly rips off this movie as blantantly as this movie rips off Aliens? And if I do will anyone care?
14 nnn-yods!
Alson known as "Terminator II". No kidding. I think Bruno got his Cameron films mixed up.
If the Italians ever met the Giger Aliens I think they'd be killed pretty quickly.

I kept expecting to hear, "It'sah Ovah, AhGamah Ovah, man!"
Sono nella stanza! Gioco sopra, uomo! Gioco sopra!

And no, we'd just change our minds about how we wanted to handle them until they were right on top of us and then criticize them to death.

Wow ... they didn't even try.
They probably wrote their script as they read the original and just rephrased each line.

j lzrd / swift idiot
I feel like hating Italians now, for no other reason than this movie.
Eravate sempre un asshole, Gorman.

Innocent Bystander
What kinda alien kills a space marine by throwing him over a railing?
Reefer Fez
Bonus points for the Japanese subtitles.

Those aliens remind me of a Stephen King line "Oh shit, it's the Mummy! Walk faster!"
While they're invisible, they move at a pretty good clip--at least a few miles per hour. But as soon as somebody can see them, they're practically immobile. Must be some confusing law of Italian xenobiology.

Ahh, Italy. You burrow into my heart by making the very best stupid rip-offs.
Funny ripoff, but it doesn't do justice to how annoying Italian people really are. It was also missing a scene where one of the aliens lightly brushes up against one of the space marines and he falls to the ground clutching his shin and screaming.
Im guessing the aliens tactic was "make humans run out of bullets, then walk after them until they get tired."
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