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Desc:Cyberpunk, Blue Oyster Cult, Christopher Walken, and apparently it's a good game to boot.
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:FMV, walken, ripper, adventure, ACTING!
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Comment count is 12
When John Rhys-Davies is the most understated actor in your trailer, you know you're onto something.
Every time I find myself encountering a game with rambling, overelaborate dialog scenes, I'm thankful the early 90s FMV craze is over.

At least Solid Snake isn't a Days of Our Lives reject standing in front of the world's worst bluescreening and chatting with John Rhys-Davies.
There was no such thing as a good FMV game.
I played this game all the way through. While FMV games were pretty universally bad, this was one of the better ones.
Why is Dennis Hopper not in this?
he was busy recording the dialouge for Hell: A Cyberpunk Gothic

On a side note, has anybody else out there played so much Rock Band that they found themselves involuntarily tapping out the cowbell solo?
more cowbell

Christopher Walkin, what is wrong with you?

(You have to imagine I asked that while bobbing my head around or it doesn't work)
So, Christopher Walken, Jimmie J.J. Walker, Karen Allen, Burgess Meredith, Ossie Davis and John Rhys-Davies all walk into a bar, all of them in desperate need of a paycheck...stop me if you heard this one.
Caminante Nocturno
Did Christopher Walken say "Cheesy tact" at -1:33?
King of Balls
This is a cliché on this site by this point, I know, but…
…is this real?

True story: I was in Great Barrington, MA once (even though it sucks) and my girlfriend wanted to go into a knitting store. Karen Allen happened to own it. She's pretty short and she requested my assistance in retrieving a piece of her own merchandise which had been placed beyond her reach. "There you go," I said. She said "thanks." We left and didn't buy anything.
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