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Desc:"Jeez, that's too bad, because you know what?"
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:short and sweet, Falling Down, michael douglas, Also his balls are huge, Spontaneous Human Combustion
Submitted:j lzrd / swift idiot
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Comment count is 10
Not as good as "Take some fucking shooting lessons, asshole", but this movie's unevenly awesome all around.
j lzrd / swift idiot
I'm glad you agree. That lets us make friends and shake e-hands.

Now what about mabye voting up the Whammy Burger clip, Stog? I'd like if you could do that.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Also, I'm getting WWWAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY to confrontational about this stuff, so I think I'll just call a time out.
You kind of are. I don't like this movie like I explained earlier, but it's my hangup, evidently, and nothing to do with you, the submitter.

Just relax and bask in the stars you have gotten.

The kid in the background falls off his bike twice! I demand they re-shoot this scene.
Syd Midnight
For some reason, my GF loves this movie. Not that it's not awesome, I'm just very surprised that it clicks with her. I suppose I should not push her too far. Ever.

Funny how this wasn't a good movie at first, but just gets better and better as the years pass. It's one of THOSE kinda flicks.
Caminante Nocturno
"Holy shit, that maniac just shot up... Are those quarters?"
Modern version of this scene .. asshole guy is talking on his cell as loud as humanly possible, D-Fens knocks it out of his hand, shoots it on the ground, then slaps him across the face. YAY!
Syd Midnight
I hate to be such a soft touch, but I cannot not 5-star a short and sweet D-FENS.
Frank Rizzo
what was that glass enclosed box thing? Ive never seen on of those.
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