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Desc:Muslim can't figure out microphone, but can figure out The Known Universe
Tags:atheism, screed, yelling at a photo of Dawkins
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Comment count is 18
I.... I don't know where to begin with this moron. This guy reminds me of my Philosophy 101 class in college when we got to chapter 3's discussion of the existence of God.

5 stars for irrationality
This guy's voice kind of reminds me of the Indian/generic Middle Eastern guy the Jerky Boys used to do.

But, yeah, he's a fucking idiot. Big surprise. Like most die-hard ignorant theists he knows, like, a few little things he remembers from elementary school about astronomy, but nothing else, including the vastly differing schools of thought on a whole bunch of issues, and just lumps everything together in one foul swoop.
i barely know anything on the issue, but i'm pretty sure the entire basis on the big bang theory is that it happens over and over and over again throughout eternity.

It expands out with the explosion, and then condenses, and then ultimately condenses into itself, and then it explodes.

This guy is under the impression that the theory assumes there was nothing before the explosion. Really, it was all just clumped together.

and the universe is still going through a red (?) shift, which means matter is moving further apart from the apex point where the bang happened, eventually we will see a blue shift and matter will come spiraling back, where it will turn into a tiny ultradense ball which will explode again.......

also, isn't there another theory that every atom and piece of matter is a clump of these universes? and so on and so on blah blah?

but i guess when you tie yourself up on that logic train it becomes possible that data from star trek was ACTUALLY DATA AND HE LIVED A LIFE IN A TV SHOW UNIVERSE


And please stop talking.

I couldn't listen to him. Tell him to take the laundry clip off his nose.
I'm convinced. Where's my box-cutter?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Microsoft's text to speech?
I have to say, this guy does belligerent condescension better than most.
I can't help but think this guy sounds way too much like Ali G. I kept waiting for him to say "Wikkit!"

Also +2 for "Each of you is more irrational than the other."
Wait, requiring proof of the existence of mystical beings that magically control everything and care about *you* is irrational?

Sounds like someone doesn't understand basic logic.
Coincidence? Yes. Yes it is. We don't even lift an eyebrow at plants and animals crowding around desert oases - but for some reason saying that this applies on a much larger scale, that life pretty much arises where the factors allow for it, is stupid?

+5 for a fundy Muslim. They're out there, and in many cases are just as amazingly stupid, but for some reason they still seem to get much less notice than their fundy Christian cousins.
Fundie Muslims aren't trying to take over local school boards, or pushing loudly for candidates with insane extremist views. They're also nowhere near as prevalent, obviously, and the fundie Christians do their best to keep them down anyway.

There's also the fact that their most insanely fundy output tends not to be readily-available in English.

The reason I posted this (other than wanting to have a "yelling at a photo of Dawkins" tag) was that this video has the best version of truthspeak, which is "I am going to debunk or scientifically disprove some idea or school of thought by saying 'That's stupid! What kind of dumbass believes this?', plus he does the 'I challenge you to provide proof!' bit too, which is always good times."
4 stars for "yelling at a photo of Dawkins", -1 because I'm not patient enough to listen to this guy for more than a minute.
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