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Category:News & Politics
Tags:obama, south dakota
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Comment count is 45
is this....real?
Billy Buttsex
It's pretty sad that it is. I mean, anyone with half a brain on POEtv could tell that it's a low blow, and certainly not accurate.

But in fairness, Barack DID say that this is isn't a Christian nation, and even though he meant we SHARE the country, I don't think it's fair to paint all these people with the Dumbass Brush just because they have a Christian worldview and don't think America should ever be considered a Muslim nation.

You know why? Because Islam didn't build this country. Islam created Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Yemen, where guys can marry 12 year old girls, don't have freedom of speech, and can't take their orders from anyone other than the Imam without getting stoned to death. Muslims belong over there... let's not bullshit ourselves.

"Muslims belong over there... let's not bullshit ourselves."

You are either the most consistent troll we've ever had (over on the TV side of things, anyway) or a terrifying and sad waste of flesh.

What's your take on America being a secular nation, where people can worship as they goddamn well please?

"... Islam didn't create this country.... "

Okay. So nasty old Islam "created" Saudi Arabia, Iran and Yemen. Whereas Christianity, with its inherent democratic values, "created" America. Gotcha.

That certainly explains why there are no major differences between Indonesia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Turkey, the Maldives, and the 40 other majority Muslim nations. Just like there are no major differences the USA, Russia, Sweden, Belarus, Columbia, and the Congo. Oh wait they're utterly fucking different.

> But in fairness, Barack DID say that this is isn't a Christian
> nation

Actually Billy, he said this is not JUST a Christian nation, but it is also a Jewish nation, and a Muslim nation, et cetera.

> You know why? Because Islam didn't build this country. Islam
> created Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Yemen, where guys can marry
> 12 year old girls, don't have freedom of speech, and can't take
> their orders from anyone other than the Imam without getting
> stoned to death. Muslims belong over there... let's not bullshit
> ourselves.

I am completely unsurprised to discover that you don't know jack shit about the Middle East.

Didn't Taoists and Buddhists create California, Oregon and Washington? Or is that chinaman's skeleton buried in my foundation just a fluke?

Wasn't Islam practiced in the part of Africa where the majority of the slaves came from?

I guess you could count the Irish immigrants as Christians.

Most of the guys at the top were Deists, though.

Brought to you by Arby's.
How dare he say we're not in charge of America!
a youtube rip of a photobucket rip of a tv rip.

Now somebody needs to record this playing on some news network, and the ouroboros will be complete
Because there's one thing Christ can't handle... and thats rhetoric.
oh for fuck's sake, south dakota.
Remember when that speech showed up here last week and I said that before we knew it they'd take those exact lines and use them in an attack ad?

Yep, totally called it.

Kind of wish I hadn't.
I fucking hate the middle of this country.
To be fair, this ad could've been made anywhere in the country. Now if it works in the middle of it, then hate away.

You know what, just hate all of America, like I and other liberals do. It's much easier! That's why I'm voting Barrack Obama--he hates America as much as I do.

Pretty much everything east of the cascade mountains sucks balls.

Jeff Fries
Hey it's 2004 all over again. It's going to be hard to coin a better term than "flyover states", "Jesusland", or "Dumbfuckistan", but I'm sure you guys will come up with something impressive.

asian hick
Yeah 2 out of 3 members of its Congressional delegation being Democrats is just a fluke. Fuck the flyover states!

This could have happened anywhere.

I have never seen ads this cheap on the east coast. This would do far more harm than good for McCain if he ran these here, probably because of people having educations or something.

Oh shit Bill Richardson is a muslim too?
His skin is kinda brown, so...yeah!

Caminante Nocturno
Hollywood loves Obama? Oh, to be the sort of person who thinks that statement means something.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Well maybe you and your fancy friends should just go to Hollywood, then, if you love Hollywood so much. And Satan.

Stolen straight from Andy Kaufman's wrestling persona

doc duodenum
If you live on the coast, you're probably a secret Muslim
What can I say? We love killing ourselves.

Maggot Brain
I think living a secret Muslim nation would be a change for the better.
Wow, I'm not sure who we're dealing with here. They're making CHRIS MATTHEWS the poster boy for the "liberal media."
Spastic Avenger
How do you get this shit on national television over there?
This is local shit for the hicks--something like this would never air nationally

Well, certainly the last thing this league of Christian psychopaths would want is a theocracy.
white house more like the RAP house

Y'know what? The people who would be swayed by this ad were NEVER going to vote for Obama any way.
You make a fine point, actually. I guess though this may serve to get them to contribute. They don't have much money, but I hear McCain is short on corn cobs, moonshine, and lynchin' ropes, so anything will help.

I wish that were true. But I've done door to door knocking, and for many, many people, their decision will often come down to, "Well I saw that nice man from Law and Order liked Obama, but then Trudy Whitridge down the street said he's Muslim, so I guess I'll vote for the other guy. Unless I'm doing laundry that day."

I can't count the number of times I heard "Well, I'm not voting for that candidate because of their (basic misapprehension half-heard from a biased source and never questioned or examined)!"

What's really astonishing is the use of "Amazing Grace" for the background music... that's just... wow...
Shit like this makes Normal Barack haters look bigoted and irrational. I hate Obama not because of crackpot conspiracies like this, but because he knows dick about the economy and thinks the government is the answer to everything.
From the linked "Obama on Religion" video.

What he meant to say was "All infidels must die. Accept Allah or be slaughtered! ALLAH AKBAR!!!"

...Yeah. Its too bad all those other people are making you look bigoted and irrational.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Man, you just got schooled about learning to not say things which are Damning Evidence before backpedalling and changing your mind. By a guy who has hard alcohol in his name.

Cena, man, we like you and all, it couldn't be POEtv without you, but dude, that stings, getting quoted and called out on your nonsensical BS. I mean ouch, it's gotta suck when your own words are the ones biting your ass.

the joke is on everyone who thinks voting means anything
Life gets better after high school.

j lzrd / swift idiot
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