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Desc:Washed 60s music group+financial problems+white board= THIS
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:whiteboard, rhino, The Turtles, manager
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"Educational, Crime" perfect categories.

I feel like a total a-hole for viewing this months ago and never submitting it. This is great stuff, and REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE for anybody interested in the music industry.

Check out this awesome article from Chicago great Steve Albini:

Loses a star for not being in song form.

The ending totally earns it back though.
Less concise than a Moses Avalon book, but twice as fun.
I'm still a bit mad at them for suing De La Soul.
The Townleybomb
Hey, they had to do something-- those Snoopy sweatshirts don't pay for themselves.

Rape Ape
Interesting to see this here -- I saw this a while back, because one of these guys posts at another forum I visit, diystompboxes.com.
he had to adjust the fonts early on to fit on one whiteboard
Humorous, but the Turtles can suck a dick. Their lawsuit against De La Soul was one of the major turning points in the realm of sampling where it became almost de facto standard that samples were no longer legal to use at all without explicit permission which, of course, also usually meant generous payment to whatever has-been band the sample came from. They were part of what killed that wonderful era of early sampling experimentation with legal/greedy bullshit (whether it was hip hop, electro, or whatever) when lots of other artists were perfectly happy just being credited or acknowledged somehow.
Hay Belly
de facto, whilst mayhaps, perchance good sir?

3 is the worst man, #3 screws everyone.
Can I buy their album at Walmart, or do I have to order it from Amazon.com or eBay.com? I am very much liking American music.
I own The Turtles 20 Greatest Hits. You can find it anywhere. Of course, you might ask yourself, "Did the Turtles have twenty hits?"

I have nothing but respect for their managers. I would have milked these hippies as well.
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