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Desc:See if you can spot the subtle patriotism.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:election 2008, Barack Obama, political ads, michelle obama, flag-pin patriots
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Comment count is 26
As a former resident, I can say with authority that these are the most attractive women in the entire state.
this would have far more impact had they all done this topless

Caminante Nocturno
Try to make it look more like you're reading from cue cards.

Val Stevens is clearly a robot, by the way.
It's so sad to see robots being programmed to vote against their own interests.

Voting for Obama goes against your interests. That is if your interests are a strong America with a strong economy. Obama will tax our economy to hell.
Obama has nothing but his cult of personality behind him. He will be vanquished.

Gosh, Cena_mark, you sound like a Republican. You're gonna get dogpiled here, dude.
Also, if you're a Republican who hasn't served in the wars your party engineered (I've heard there are a few), I'll join right in on that dogpile.

Here's a question for ya Cena_Mark, my former hero: why is the economy always, without exception, worse under a conservative president than under a liberal one? If you look at economic trends and presidents over the last, god, like 50-60 years, why is the economy always up under a democratic president and down under a republican one, without exception or failure? Please answer this question in the form of a battlerap, or in terms of how awesome the original Cena is, please.

cena mark: incapable of understanding humor

You may laugh at Cena, but he's right on the mark. Already Obama is planning his new economy tax. Every time economy happens, you will have to pay him personally. This will continue until the economy dies and goes to Hell.


Cena mark, the troll.
Who gives a shit.

Anyway, so I am from Washington, and this is why I am an unfortunate and unwilling registered Democrat:

Formerly one of the last bastions of progressive, true worker-friendly politics. Progressive because you used to be able to vote for any fucking person you goddamn wanted to on any ballot, no matter what their affiliation. Thanks to Republicans, with a disgusting backing from Democrats (they were scared of anti-corporate greenies hedging their turf), we are like virtually every state out there now. I think the only folks left with an open ballot are Montana, Vermont and New Hampshire.
At least WA doesn't have a state income tax... but honestly, if Republicans are willing to give up their voting rights, that's their fucking problem. They no longer really pay much attention to that rights stuff. They haven't really since Nixon.

Why did Republicans so easily and so lovingly and willingly destroy their right to select whoever they wanted to run for office in Washington? Because they send goddamn idiots like these people and LOONATICS like Ellen Craswell (she made Jerry Falwell look like Jerry Garcia) are always the types of people that the GOP faithful choose, so the GOP Managers have to hand pick moderate corporate lackey electables like Dino Rossi.

In short, Republicans continue to rape themselves for the good of everybody except them, and I continue to laugh at them. It just kind of sucks now, since members of my family have had to risk death behind 50mm guns in order to make them feel better about themselves.

Rated RKO already did the pro-wrestling fan troll gimmick, much better than you.

Acting quality, production and music reminds me of old Red Alert cutscenes.
El Zapatista
I have, in my thirty-odd years, woken up and thought:

Damn, I shouldn't have had so much to drink last night!
Uh-oh, I'm going to be late!
Who is this? Why did I hook up with her?
I'm really hungry.

But I've never woken up and thought

I'm proud to be an American.

It seems unlikely that anyone has ever thought that first thing in the morning.
Sometimes, I take a nap in the afternoon and wake up a couple hours later thinking it's the next morning and I missed going to work.


I don't know what side of the border you're from son, but you are WRONG.

I've woken up in the morning and thought "Fuck. I wish I was Canadian."

I've wished I was a republican.

Reagan in a cowboy hat at the end pushed it up to five.
See! Barry Hussein hasn't bamboozled ALL the mud people with his jive talk!
5 Stars for pretty much all the comments, plus this video is so craptastical its almost surreal. Do you think after they took some of these, anyone on the crew was like "Aw yeah, we really NAILED it that time!" That chilly thought is what put it over the top for me :)
Rodents of Unusual Size
These people need Kirstie Alley to read all of these lines for them in a Wisconsin accent.
I'm proud to be an American because I support generic ideas like "freedom" and "liberty" that nobody in their right mind would say they dislike. This is much easier for me and my tiny brain to comprehend instead of questioning the policies of my government that they claim lead to "freedom" and "liberty". In summation, America always has and always will be perfect.
Nailed it. You, sir or madam, are a star.

"Help us 'welcome' Michelle Obama to Washington"

Why do I feel their idea of a perfect welcoming would involve a giant cross-beam attached to the Washington Monument and the whole thing set aflame?

(The asian chick sadly won't be able to make it because she'll be busy planning the new internment camps with Michelle Malkin.)

Why are Republican ads always in all caps?
"Because this country has given more blood for freedom than any other country in the world"
This just sounds so wrong to me. So so wrong. She really thought that was the right thing to say?
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