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Desc:By the creators of the adorable Keepon. Infanoid is...not as adorable.
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:Robots, keepon, nightmare fuel, infanoid
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Comment count is 5
j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-07-24
Processing... processing... BUNNY!

Processing... processing... HUMAN FLESH!

STOP TURNING THE FUTURE INTO "SCREAMERS" DAMMIT! We don't need little wounded kids calling themselves "David," then revealing buzzsaws and playing us all!
Xenocide - 2008-07-24
Japan would like to introduce you to the last thing you'll see before you die.
BHWW - 2008-07-24
"Infanoid" sounds like the title of a low-budget sci-fi/horror flick. Which would be appropriate. People finding their babies replaced with one of these, infanoids stealthily killing parents and families with built in weapons like garroting wires that unspool out of their wrist and drills that pop out of their mouths and stuff, and when the camera cuts to their POV we get generic Terminator-ripoff-vision with number displays and such.

The evil chief scientist gets pounced on by one of his creations, and our heros drive off for a happy ending...except for a quick cut to a Keepon in the backseat of their car as it starts to come to life...
zatojones - 2008-07-24
It's better than that other "baby sound making" robot that was on here a month or so back.
chumbucket - 2008-07-24
looks like it cut off just before Infanoid was going to show on the bunny where the professor touches him
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